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Adding Lexile Measures to Your Products & Services

Our partnerships with education companies have inspired and produced some of the best educational products in the industry, from content to assessments.

We do this by taking an individualized approach to every project. Our team becomes an extension of yours, giving you access to our psychometricians, data scientists and researchers. Collectively we offer more than 600 years in research, 200 years of K–12 and university teaching experience and 70 years of work experience in state departments of education.

Learn how MetaMetrics® can work with you to boost the power of your products with Lexile measures.

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What We Offer to Products & Services

  • Psychometric Services. Work with us to transform your reading assessments into actionable reports by reporting reading ability as Lexile measures for either an English or Spanish assessment. We can customize current assessments or help you create entirely new ones.
  • Get Lexile Measures for Reading Materials. More than 100 million books, articles and websites have received Lexile text measures. The process is easy, whether you have a single book to evaluate or hundreds of pages of materials you’re currently creating.
  • License the Lexile Titles Database™Booksellers and ed tech providers can easily add Lexile-linked content to their learning products.
  • Staff & Sales Professional LearningWe provide professional development for your developer and sales teams so you can leverage Lexile measures to their fullest advantage, from product development to product sales.
  • Predictive Analytics for College & Career ReadinessLearn how we can help your product identify and predict the reading demands of college and careers.
  • Descriptive Analytics to Forecast Reading Growth. Learn how we can help your product forecast and predict student reading performance.

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