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The Lexile Framework® for Reading is a scientific approach to measuring both reading ability and the text complexity of reading materials on the same developmental scale. It helps educators match readers with text so they get the right level of challenge.

Students receive a Lexile reading measure after taking a test or state assessment that reports its score as a Lexile measure. MetaMetrics® also works with publishers of reading content to evaluate the complexity of their materials and give them a Lexile text measure.

When Lexile reader and text measures are used together, we can predict how well a student will likely comprehend the text. Students should look for materials with a reading comprehension “sweet spot” of 100L below to 50L above their reported Lexile measure. When your product is linked to Lexile measures, it’s easy for educators to personalize learning, and for students to accelerate their reading skills by tackling text that’s challenging, but not above their reading level.

More Than a Score

A Lexile measure is more than just a number. Backed by more than 30 years of research, Lexile measures connect assessments to learning and teaching. They are also:

  • Ubiquitous. More than 35 million students in all 50 U.S. states, plus students in 180 countries around the world, receive Lexile measures. Then, there’s the content. More than 100 million books, articles and websites have received Lexile measures, allowing teachers and students to easily identify appropriate text.
  • ActionableA Lexile measure is much more than a number on a page. It’s used to help teachers identify areas for student growth, easily develop a plan to help students build reading skills and track progress day-to-day or year-to-year.
  • PersonalizedLexile measures give education companies a competitive edge for their products by providing educators and students the ability to personalize learning.

Learn more about developing products that are linked to Lexile measures.

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