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When you’re teaching one book to an entire class of students, you’ll see a wide range of comprehension. Lexile measures are a powerful tool to help you easily personalize instruction by providing support to students when they need additional help, and enrichment to students when they’re quick to understand the material.

Lexile by Chapter Guides take popular books and provide individual Lexile text measures for each chapter. These guides allow teachers to plan enrichment and support activities based on the complexity of the assigned chapters. Read more about Lexile by Chapter Guides.

The Lexile PowerV® Vocabulary Tool provides educators with vocabulary lists for more than 125,000 books. These lists can be general, for all students, or customized based on a student’s individual Lexile reader measure. Read more about PowerV.

Early-reading indicators are provided for text with Lexile measures of 650L or below in order to help identify important text features in early-reading materials that could present more or less of a challenge for a reader. Read more about early-reading indicators.