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There’s more than one way to use Lexile measures to find the right books for engaging students and encouraging reading.

Using a student’s Lexile reading measure as a starting point, it’s easy to find books that provide the just-right amount of challenge to advance their reading skill development. Explore below all of the ways you can find materials with the content that sparks student interest and is also the right level of difficulty.

Explore Lexile® Find a Book

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Help Students Choose Books

Free tool to build student-specific reading lists of books to match reading level as well as book genre and content that interests them.

Look Up a Book’s Lexile Measure

Know the book but need a Lexile text measure? Learn how to find it quickly.

Find Books for Beginning Readers

Learn more about the enhancements that were made to more precisely measure the text complexity of early-reading materials. Learn more about this latest innovation.

Build Summer Reading Lists

Stop the “summer slide” with guidance on creating summer reading lists and programs.

About Lexile Codes

Is there an “AD” or “NC” in front of the Lexile text measure? Here’s what those codes mean and how to use them to find better content for your students.

Search products that offer Lexile text measures for their reading materials.

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