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Lexile measures are reported from more than 65 assessments and instructional products, which means over 35 million students receive Lexile measures in all 50 states. Chances are that many students receive multiple Lexile measures each year. So how do you interpret and use your child’s Lexile measures? Access this Interpreting Test Results Parent Explainer to help you understand why scores fluctuate and what you can do to help your child perform at their best on a test.

Here Are Some Other Lexile Resources

  • This Lexile Parent Guide provides an overview of Lexile measures and what you and your child can do with them.
  • Use Lexile® Find a Book tool. to find books based on your child’s reading level (Lexile measure) and interests. You can also use the tool to look up the Lexile text measures of books, make a book list of favorites and explore vocabulary.
  • See if your child is projected to graduate prepared for the reading demands of college and career with the Lexile® Growth Planner.