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Your Exclusive June Workout Of The Month!

By Alex On June 5, 2011 Under Uncategorized

Here it is, the June Workout of the Month, my latest best-selling program “15-Minute Muscle!”.

Now before I show this to you, there are 2 things you should know about 15-Minute Muscle:

1. “15-Minute Muscle!”, is the muscle-building workout program just for athletes that, using the new technology of “Instant Activation” allows you to get all of the muscle-building results of a 60-minute workout in just 15 minutes flat,

2. Inside “15-Minute Muscle”, you’ll find your step-by-step, athlete-specific workout program.. This is your 28-day blueprint to more muscle, ripped arms and a chiseled 6-pack using these short, easy and incredibly effective 15-minute workouts.

3. Of course, as an exclusive member inside the Speed Secrets Inner Circle, you get FREE access forever to 15-Minute Muscle — congrats.

Get started with 15-Minute Muscle by right-clicking HERE and selecting Save-As:

15-Minute Muscle Download

And now, just imagine how much more stronger, faster and ripped you’ll be than your friends and competition just 28 days from now, especially when you know they’ve been in the gym for hours on end, doing those crazy 2-hour long workouts, while you’ve been almost “cheating the system”, using the “Instant Activation” technology inside 15-Minute Muscle and working out for just 15 minutes at a time!



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