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Win a FREE Copy of The Truth About Quickness 2.0!

By Alex On August 16, 2011 Under Uncategorized

I’m going to make this quick and easy for you.

To enter to win one of the FIVE copies of the new Truth About Quickness 2.0 that I’m GIVING AWAY today, simply reply below in the Comments Section (at the bottom of the page) with the following:

In 250 words or less, I want you to tell me exactly why this system is the perfect program for your speed, quickness and agility at this point in your life. Tell me WHY you NEED access to this brand-new, myth-busting info.

Again, please keep your reply less than 250 words, and please, leave finances out of your reply. This program (via the Massive Launch-Special Discount) will be affordable for literally anyone who wants access to it once it goes LIVE.

So, again, based on everything you’ve learned about REAL speed and quickness in the last week and a half and the brand-new Truth About Quickness 2.0, I want you to tell me why this program is the perfect fit for you.

The TAQ 2.0 System

The Truth About Quickness Insider’s System 2.0

I’m gonna go through the replies and announce the FIVE winners this Sunday (this contest will close Saturday night).

Enter below now (I’ll be checking in throughout the day) and hey.. good luck!

-Coach Alex

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762 comments - add yours
Joe Kwasniewski

August 20, 2011

Hi Alex,
I just wanted to say that this is the 1st time I have heard about you and your program. I watched all 3 episodes and am very impressed. I am 14 y/o and play baseball and basketball. I am tall for my age and am very athletic. My one down fall for both sports is that I am not the fastest. In your episodes you called it slothy. That would be me. I’m trying to make both my JV baseball and basketball teams and tryouts will be coming around very soon. I would love to try this program out and show not only my coaches but myself that this programs works. I work hard at my sports and train hard but my speed only seems to be getting slower. If i got the program I would put it to work immediately! Also, once I go to these tryouts and impress my coaches (because of my new found speed!) I would be able to tell them all how i did it and what a great influence you were on me. I also want to some day play baseball for a big D 1 school. I know they are looking for speed and this would give me an edge right now that I could use for my future! I agree that most of my training has been linear and that must be the reason I have not generated any increase in speed. Please let me one of the winners and I will not let you down!

Randy Thomas

August 20, 2011

hey alex, im 14 yrs old and i really need this program. im going to one of the most top schools in Michigan, U of D jesuit, and i plan on tryin out for the basketball team this upcoming fall. im about 5’7 with 4.7 speed…and the other guys think thats sluggish compared to their times. Im coming into the school barely knowing guys and others say i cant and im not sweet enough to make the team. I dont wanna be on the freshman squad, then they’ll say how im not good enough to make jv,let alone varsity…i know my size isnt as great to play on varsity,but if can get faster,and have quicker moves,i can fly right past the competiton. I really need this chance because at this time, i cant buy the program for regular price. And i really need this shot to prove myself, this would be a total blessing if i can win a free copy of the program..and when i get to the NBA or NFL..your going to be in my speech,sayin how you helped become the athlete i am today…thank you for your time alex,and please pick me

Duane Snavely

August 20, 2011

I am a Middle School Wrestling and Track Coach. This program will enabled me to help my athletes become more explosive. I have tried several different programs from different sources in the past, and get average results at best. I like what I have seen from this product and think that it could be very beneficial.
Also, my own son has turned 16 and I am struggling to get his fort time below 4.7. He has good athletic ability, but he needs that extra edge in speed to be considered by some D1 and D2 colleges in our state. I definitely believe that this product will help my wrestling and track teams become quicker. I also, believe that this product would help my son tremendously in achieving his athletic goals.


August 20, 2011

Hi Alex,

I love your stuff and use it with ballistics to train soccer players. The drills utilize the the effects of myelin in a wonderfully progressive manner. According to Tania Sole at Bleaherreport.com:

“In neurology, myelin is being seen as an epiphany,” Douglas Fields, the lab director at the National Institute of Health in Bethesda Maryland muses. “This is a new dimension that may help us understand a great deal about how the brain works, especially about how we gain skills.” “Everything neurons do, they do pretty quickly; it happens with the flick of a switch,” Fields said. “But flicking switches is not how we learn a lot of things. Getting good at piano or chess or baseball takes a lot of time, and that’s what myelin is good at.” “You have to understand that every skill exists as a circuit, and that circuit has to be formed and optimized.”

“To put it in development terms, myelin is a slave to technique. The more you do something the easier it gets. The more the body is designed to do it the better it gets at doing it. The more you do something, the better you are—the better you are, the more you do something.” The cycle builds and reinforces itself and is progressive.

I request a free copy because I train myself and a lot of slow soccer players who need your excellant guidance. I have to deal with lots of parents and coaches who just don’t get it until they see the results. They then go from critizing to asking how to help their kids- thats when I send to your site to get that advice- in your videos – you relate to the kids better than an old coach. Anyway I hope you chose me as your wonderful work will definitly get utilized and many positive referrals will be made to further the cause of educating the masses to the way training is supposed to be done. Thanks.


August 20, 2011

My name is Victor Im 24 and I am always looking for ways to take my game to the next level. I am a football player and also a mentor to young athletes. Speed and quickness is vital to any skill position player especially the first step. If there are any programs that I can impliment into my own personal regiment thats great, but if i can also help a young person reach everything they want in their lives thats even better! If your programs will help me get back in the NFL I will be your greates embassador. Good luck on your task of making the world quicker!


August 20, 2011

Im 42 and im sloooowwwwwiiinnnggg down 🙁
I would like to tegain some speed and explosiveness so i can hold my own with the young bucks i coach

Harold F. Coleman

August 20, 2011

Hello Alex,
For the past 27 years I have played basketabll or coached the Game. My passion is only to teach, train and develop every athlete that I come in contact with. My kids think I am crazy because every athlete that I see, I just walk up to them and ask, “so what type of training do you do”? How do you get better? I know that I can’t save the World but I can at least try.
When I came across you and Adam, my eyes got big and I felt a sense of urgency to Learn what you guys taught. Keep in mind I am 51 and as fit as any 30 year old. I do all my demonstrations personally so that the kids can see the Power of an old man, and hopefully it inspires them. Your program has taught me things that I was unaware of and this has sparked a ton of intrest for all of your Programs. I’d like to Thank You in advance for the knowledge that you have shared.

Harold F. Coleman


August 20, 2011

Hey Alex……
Im 17 year old basketball player who is looking to be the fastest player on my team and in the league.Over the years i have been trying some of the speed related programs out there but they were never what i expected when results day was to come around i was literally pissed at my self Alex and i look to sky and ask why cant i be the fastest player after all trying out these programs they promise me to be the quickest and fastest right??
I think this program is the exact program for my speed because you laid out some new breed of information about speed i have never seen before in my life and in the past programs not only do you focus on my speed but on other great facets i need to be dominating otherwise as i can see i have never seen this before in my history of my life….
WHY i NEED access to this brand-new, myth-busting information is because really this is the best i have seen.This is like really like a new crack on a new stove.And After all your Alex Maroko the best in the world at this thing.So this new
breed of information is the key to my game at playing college ball
We athletes


August 20, 2011

Hey Alex, i’m a Wide Receiver and is the 3rd choice on my team. I work all i can to get to be #1 spot. I’m very good skilled and a lot of coaches has told me that too, but everyone of them tell me that i need more speed and more agility.
That kills me everytime.
I’m so close to get the spot, so close that i can taste it. Squats and Cleans don’t make my day anymore.
Alex, I need the Taq 2.0



August 20, 2011

Hey Alex,

I’m glad you are giving these out. I’ve never been the fastest at any point in my life so I’ve always had to specialize in something. When I started to play basketball I wasnt nearly as quick as the other players so I had to learn to shoot in order have a spot on the team in high school. I am going to be a sophomore in college next year and I plan to tryout for my school team but because of my height I know I’m going to have to be able to do a little bit more than shoot to make the team. I hope I get one of these so I can have an edge over the other potential walk ons. It would be geatly appreciated…thanks

Joselito Narte

August 20, 2011

Hi, I am joselito just call me Jojo for short. I am currently an active basketball player and just come out and started playing the game when I was 15 and now I am 18. I feel that I am real slow than anyone here on our neighborhood, they could even pass around me without me noticing it, I think this program will surely help me. I keep on practicing each morning, and going to the gym too for some workouts, I really want to enter the big league here in the Philippines. I hope I could have the chance to win.

Coach C

August 20, 2011

I have been using bits and pieces of your program for over the past 2-3 years now with pretty consistent results. I am a high school football (Varsity WR) and sprints coach, I also have trained a number of professional athletes (NFL WR & DB) during the summer months. I am a knowledge seeker I will research any and EVERY legal means to get my athletes an edge over our opponents. I NEED THIS complete program in order to tap into the total system. I like yourself have a passion to not only train but help others achieve their goals. Success breads success share yours that I may share it with others!

Thanks in advance,
Coach C