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Win A FREE Copy Of Flying In Four

By Alex On February 11, 2010 Under How To Increase Vertical


I hope you’re in the process of killing it right now using Kelly’s free report, “The 7-Day Vertical Jump Cure”, preparing and setting your body up for massive vertical jump gains when you start using any of the THREE breakthrough vertical jump programs in our new program, Flying in Four.

Also, please remember that Flying In Four finally goes live this Tuesday February 16th and for the first 3 days until next Thursday February 18th, it’ll be yours for a full $20 OFF the normal price to celebrate it’s long-awaited release…4 inches in FOUR weeks is coming for you VERY soon….

…definitely make sure you get ready next week to get there within those first 3 days so you can save yourself some money and start blasting your vertical jump skyward immediately.




Free copies of Flying In Four!

Here’s the deal: Leave your answers to these questions below in the Comments section.

On Sunday at 5 PM, Kelly and I will go through all of them, pick the best THREE answers and deliver the first 3 copies in the world of Flying in Four to those 3 lucky people.

NOTE: Deadline has been moved until 10 PM Sunday night due to some email newsletter issues…so you have  until 10 tonight to get your entry in.

Make your response as short or as long as you want…we’re not just gonna give longer answers more points because they’re longer, we’re much more interested in what kind of passion you show and how good we feel that you’re going to “take action” with your free copy.

Here are the two questions, read through them, then go ahead and write your answers below in the Comments Section.

1. What will 4 inches on your vertical jump in 4 weeks from Flying in Four do for you? for your sport? for your performance? for your confidence? (i.e. Four inches in four weeks from Flying in Four will…)

2. There are more than 23,332 people seeing THIS contest right now…why are you 1 of the 3 athletes that want it the most? Be specific.

And that’s it. Go to the Comments section now and win your free copy of Flying in Four.

Good luck!

Alex (and Kelly)

PS – If you want to tell us about your current results with The 7-Day Vertical Jump Cure or how much you’ve learned from either me or Kelly about the vertical jump, we won’t mind 🙂

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409 comments - add yours

February 15, 2010

hey my name is daniel…im a junior player basketball player wit a lot of talent and looking for somethin to improve in my game. I have all my time watchin my other players throw it down, so what i have done is look for different programs to increase my vertical but havent found anythin that works..Im 5’7 and i recently told my friends that im gonna dunk by next year but all i got from them was laughter.. but what i kept in my mind is the my belief is stronger than their doubt and i feel wit this program that it would dramatically increase my game and shut up the rest of the guys on the team
thank you for time in looking this over.


February 15, 2010

Hey guys this is mike, im a 15 year old 6 foot 4 inch center trying to develop as a basketball player because I started playing basketball a little later on than most people over here. I know this program will increase my athleticism tramendisly, and it will take me to the take level, my verical right now is 20 inches. I am serious about this program, it will boost my confidence greatly. I would help my post game, and my rebounding greatfully. I am from a poor country and my dad works hard so I am definetley deticated and hardworkding.

Connor Gould

February 15, 2010

Hey guys
I am i a Wide Receiver on my football team
Question 1: The increase of 4 inches from the Flying-in-four will first of all give me the huge boost in confidence everybody needs in tryouts and the edge over my fellow teamates and the other team. I will probably earn one of my first ever places on the starting squad on offense and it will make my QB much more comfortable to be able to throw to a guy who can just go up and get the ball. That is what Flying-in-four will do for me.

Question 2: Why should you give this to me, well, i think that i am the most dedicated and driven athlete you will ever find. I have a work ethic like no other and i am constantly trying to improve myself.

Thank you guys so much,
Connor Gould


February 16, 2010

Hey guys I know you already picked your winners but I wanted to get a chance to mention a few things. I’m a Strength and Conditioning Coach and I’ve been trying to work with as many athletes as I can, I’ve seen a lot of different kids go in and out of the gym trying to use different vertical jump routines and most just will never work because these kids aren’t being taught correctly. I’ve been trying to use http://www.coachbook.ning.com http://www.strengthperformance.com and http://www.vertfreak101.com/forums for networking and trying to take my own training as well as any other kids training to the next level.

Devyn C

February 16, 2010

I have been in karate since I was ten years old. I love to compete, and most of the time I’m pretty good. The exception is in creative/contemporary forms. To really compete in those divisions, you have to be able to fly. Tricks are all the rage right now, and almost all of them require a good vertical jump. The higher the jump, the better the trick, and the more tricks one is able to do.

If I could increase my vertical jump, I would be able to learn some of these fantastic tricks, go to a competition, represent my school well, and maybe even win.

Why should one of these limited, and coveted books be given to me? I’m driven. When I want something, I go for it, in a big way. I really want to increase my vertical, and I’m already working towards that goal. The free copy of the book would be an extraordinary help for me, when the other programs I’ve tried have failed.

Thanks so much, you guys rock.


February 17, 2010


Im a typical 5’11 chinese from hongkong and im 15. Im really devoted in the game of basketball and I really hope to be able to dunk. Currently I can sometimes touch the rim, but not fully grab it. It toke me a year to go from touching the backboard to touching the rim. The extra few inches into my vertical would boost my confidence and prove my friends wrong, they always laugh when I tell them that one day I will dunk.

If I am awarded the copy of Flying in Four, I promise I will be dedicated to the 28day program. I will keep in touch with video of my before and after training.
I used the vertical jumping bible and jumpsoles they boosted me from the board to the rim, a copy of this book will help me alot!

I really need this, to prove them wrong.

P.S Next school year would be my last year in high school, which means the last year in competitive basketball (most likely), if change is to happen it begins right now.

Yours, Josh


February 24, 2010

1. 1-4 inches in four weeks is crazy! i play basketball, and i figure skate. it would really be helpful if i could jump that much higher in such a short time. right now people laugh at me, because i have a sad vertical jump. jumping higher isn’t about getting back at them though. it will help me in basketball and figure skating a lot, for doing axels.
2. i am the athlete that wants it the most because i believe that i wouldn’t waste time, and benefit from it to achieve my goals of jumping higher for my two sports. i would stick to the 28 day program. i can’t even touch the backboard, and i’m 5 foot 10 inches. flying in four would really help me out a lot

Ginger Graham

February 24, 2010

1. 1-4 inches can greatly improve my daughters chances for playing college volleyball or basketball. She is an excellent middle hitter and actually plays post for our varsity team, but she is only 5’10”. Most colleges want girls that are 6′ to play ball but if her vertical is equivalent and she can build speed then she could have her college paid for. We are a pastors family with 5 children. We could really use the college scholarship and this would be our answer.

2. I know that Anna wants this more than anyone. This is her dream to play college sports whether in basketball or volleyball. She is a type A personality and I promise she will work hard everyday to achieve her goal of a better vertical. We would be so grateful for any and all help from you.


February 27, 2010

Hey guys,
Im kyle. I am a sophmore in High school and my life everyday is basically basketball. I love everything about the sport, and really want to play at the highest possible level. my dad played in college against people such as larry bird and karl malone, and i really want to make not only him but myself proud. he is 6 ft 4, but my mom is 5 ft 2. And im only 5 ft 9. THe reason why i am writing this is because people tell me i will amount to nothing because at the moment im “small” but hey, who says small people cant play big? i did jumpsoles over the summer to prove them wrong, and now i have a 32 inch vertical. but i would really like to add more so i can have that extra edge on people. I am EXTREMELY disciplined and dedicated and i think your program would really help me, and i wont stop until im at my best. Thanks guys for this oppurtunity.