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The Truth About Quickness Insider’s System 2.0

By Alex On September 15, 2010 Under How To Run Faster, Speed Agility Training Drills

The world’s BEST-selling speed and quickness training system is coming back BETTER than ever very, very soon.. (goosebumps..). Enjoy:

The Truth About Quickness Insider’s System 2.0

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Casildo Romero

October 8, 2010

I would like for my son to be considered for one of the 5 free packages. Here is my son’s story.

He started playing baseball at a very late age (10) and was not very good but showed a little promise, but made a decision after two seasons to get serious about the game. After his 11 year old season he has been practicing 5-7 days a week, 12 months a year for three years now. His baseball skills have advanced to a high level, but he is still missing a key component to his game, speed/quickness. As a young athlete myself, I had good speed and tremendous quickness and agility, so it is very frustrating to see my son not get to a ground ball he should or beat out a hit into the hole because of his lack of speed/quickness. Up to about a year ago I used to say he was “painfully slow and clunky”, at least now he is average

One year ago I took him to a strength and conditioning camp for two weeks where they worked 4 hours each day, and I saw some immediate improvement. Not a great deal of improvement, but enough for me to start thinking about the workouts. Even though I was told you “can not teach speed/quickness” I started to do some research and found out not only was this school of thought wrong, but there is a community of trainers and coaches “teaching speed/quickness”. From the information I found I put together a program of high knees, but kicks, deep lean sprints, agility ladder, side to side jumps, cone running, etc. Now his speed/quickness has gone from painfully slow to average (for an athlete), but we are now looking for something more to take him to the next level of speed/quick. I feel if we can get him to an above average level of speed/quickness his baseball skills and talents will shine through and take him to the elite level.

It is actually kind of ironic if you know my son and I.
I am short, he is tall.
I was blessed with some speed and a great deal of quickness/agility, he was not.
I did not have much baseball talent, he does.
I did not have good coaching, he does.
I did not have much of an arm, he does.
All of these “opposites” make it a bit challenging at times, but thank goodness the common denominator is baseball.

Casildo Romero


October 21, 2010

i love this site.. Greetings from the Speedy DNS.