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THIS is the current situation…

By Alex On February 1, 2010 Under Uncategorized

1. I’m sorry for not blogging more lately…I’ve been crazy busy with life, preparing for this MAJOR release of Flying in Four and putting together that FREE Giveaway you saw last week (you did pick something up right? …more than 15,000 people did in just 3 days…if you missed it and wanna see what you missed out on, go here: Free Sports Giveaways).

Lots of positive, helpful stuff will be coming to you in the next 3 months so, yeah, be kinda excited.

2. My friends have taken to calling me “The Situation” the past couple weeks (totally hate you guys too), in reference to the dopekiller MTV show, “Jersey Shore”, mainly because it seems like there is usually a “situation” surrounding me (clearly never my fault) and probably because of my general gravitation towards being a little cocky, ya know, like all the time.

They even decided to put it in writing:

Is this a good thing? LOL…if only I could tell you…

3. I watched the South Carolina-Kentucky basketball game last week and couldn’t help but notice some kick-ass little dude out there just totally rocking out for SC and single-handledly leading his team to a victory over the number one team in the country, Kentucky.

His name’s Devan Downey, he’s 5-9 and he’s quick as a cat on 3 espresso shots from Starbucks.

This was the only video I could find for you from the game on YouTube…check out this kid:

4. I considered not even putting this in here, but whatever…it feels like the right time for it now. The more my brand and company continues to grow, the more I notice that a small percentage of people are just going to hate …why they hate really isn’t important, everyone has their reasons.

And even though 99% of the now 12,000+ Game Speed Subscribers are benefitting from and enjoying what I’m trying to do here, when you’re doing something on a bigger scale and speaking to large amounts of people at once, there’s always going to be that 1% of the population that you rub the wrong way and feel the need to talk shiznit about you.

So, to that 1% of the people who think it’s actually cool to talk crap about people you’ve never even met and to do it hiding behind your computer screen, I calmly say “screw you” and valiantly salute your ignorance and overall negative attitude you bring to the online training community.

<end venting>

Now, back to you getting faster, quicker and more athletic…

5. Here’s a great “oldie” article I forgot about from Kelly Baggett. It’s called The Difference Between Running and Jumping: Why Some People Can Jump But Can’t Run.

Here’s the link to the full article: Difference Between Running and Jumping and here’s an excerpt from the article:

“I’ve mentioned several times in the past that running and jumping are very similar from a motor quality perspective. If you have what it takes to jump high you can usually run pretty fast and vice versa. It’s fairly rare to see someone with a 4.6 or better forty yard dash who can’t vertical jump 30 inches.

It’s also rare to see someone with a 30 inch or better vertical jump who can’t run a sub 5.0 forty. However, there are some exceptions. The differences are even more significant when dealing with numbers from either end that could be considered fairly high level.

Over the years I’ve seen and heard from quite a few dunkers and jumpers who wanted to convert their explosiveness into speed on the track and many of them weren’t initially all that fast. I’ve also seen some sprinters that you would think would be able to jump out of the gym not be able to get up as good as some might think. Sometimes the numbers don’t match up.

So, What’s Going On?

Well, in my experience, research, and real-world observations I believe the answer is relatively simple…”

6. In the past 4 days, I’ve gotten a free pair of $20 socks, a free burrito from Panchero’s and got out of a parking ticket (a parking space which I clearly violated — I know, I know…such a bad-ass)

How did I get all that cool stuff?

By talking to people.

I went to a running store to get some new socks, and I ended up talking to the guy working there for 20 minutes about his recent trip to New Zealand, his broken washing machine and my new fixation on not wearing white socks anymore unless I’m training.

By conversation’s end, he just took me to a closed off section of the store, handed me a pair of unreal wool socks (SmartWool.com …totally recommend these dope socks to anyone in the market) and was like “You’re  a cool dude, take these, try ’em out and if you like them, just come back in for more.”

When I was at Pancheros for my daily chicken burrito, one of the guys who works there and I hadn’t seen in a while was back.

I remembered that he was originally from Costa Rica and his girlfriend still lived there and he was going there for a month to visit her.

So I asked him how it went, joked about how he probably was *this* close to not getting on the plane to come back to Michigan and told him that, “..on behalf of the sometimes decent state of Michigan, we’d like to welcome you back.”

By the time the burrito was done and we had reached the register, he was like, “Don’t worry about it — see ya later.”

I didn’t do any of this to get free socks or free Mexican cuisine, just to be friendly and outgoing, but, voila…free footwear, free food.

And for the parking ticket, well…let’s just say I had to use my sparkling charm and UTR (under-the-radar) persuasive abilities to the nth degree with that friendly parking employee to avoid that ticket that I totally deserved.

The point is that by talking, being genuinely interested in what’s going on in other people’s lives and being an overall confident, positive person is going to go a long way for you in your life and sport. It’s been the main reason for my success at a young age, and my social skills are always something I’m actively working on — success and happiness  isn’t a destination, it’s a journey.

7. Word of the Week- Splacktacular

I’ve used it here before a couple times, but in case you missed it, splacktacular just means “really freakin’ awesome, but because I just said splacktacular instead of “really freakin’ awesome”, I’m that much cooler.”

Example: “Hot damn, this zucchini bread is splacktacular.”

Feel free to use it in your day-to-day…tell ’em Alex sent you.

8. Leave a quick comment below if you have any input on anything above and I’ll holler back at ya when I get a chance. If we get 10 comments, I’m going to re-release a 17-page free report called “The Top 7 Training Mistakes” to you…but, we gotta get at least 10 comments.



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7 comments - add yours
Shawn Horwood

February 1, 2010

First I’d like to say that I think this post was splacktacular. 🙂

In regards to the running and jumping, I am one of those people that doesn’t quite fit…I can actually run pretty fast but my jump has a little bit to be desired. I’m 6’1 and I can’t quite dunk a basketball (but I’m working on it)

Also, it’s true that by genuinely caring about people’s lives and being confident and just talking to people your life rocks. Even back when I worked at McDonald’s I had people tell my managers I needed a promotion, I got tips (sometimes 50% of what their meal cost) and I even had people order stuff for me (I know, not good for me).

It’s also created a lot of opportunities in my life that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. I’m actually quite introverted, and I’m constantly trying to become more extroverted and better at starting engaging conversations.



February 1, 2010

I wanna thank you for eveything you have being doing for athletes like us. I just joined about a month ago and I am already glad I joined. It is nice that you stay in contact with everyone.

I would like to say thank you for all your help with the jumping and ball handling. It really helps, except im at a pause right now. It has snowed a little around me and is freezing cold so it does not look like I will be able to practice for a little. I really needed the help with my bunnies because im only 5’6 and was not put on this earth to jump high.




February 1, 2010

Ok kinda weirdo but that part about the jumping high but slow is a problem for me that must be fixed n imma check that part out now thanks yall

Steve Z

February 1, 2010

Nice blog brotha. There will always be haters anywhere you go and no matter what you do. I talk with people wherever I go, i find enjoyment out of talking to random people. We sound like similar people, look forward to your continued content.

Alex V

February 1, 2010

Looks like you and Kelly are putting up some good products. Keep up the good work



February 1, 2010

The Situation, that was dopekiller


February 2, 2010

Awesome blog. I’ve used splacktacular like 10 times in the last half hour.