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The Secret ALL Athletes Fear..

By Alex On October 20, 2010 Under Sports Training

I’ve got a secret for you..

It’s big and WILL change your game, career and life FOREVER.

Heady words, right? Keep reading, it gets juicy..

So this secret…it’s GAME-CHANGING, but simply knowing about it is NOT enough. How do I know that?

Because you’re already know this secret.

And simply being aware of it is NOT enough either. How do I know that?

Because you’re already aware of it too. And before I tell you the RIGHT way to use this secret to change your game, career and life, let’s discuss what it is..

This “secret” is something that NONE of us “like” admitting, even through everyone around you is going through it too.

And it’s been holding you back your ENTIRE life — if this thing didn’t exist, you’d live a lifetime of endless success and riches.

And here it is: You don’t fully believe in yourself.

Sure, there are times when you’re ultra-confident and things are going your way, but what about those other times?

And you know exactly what I’m talking about here…those times when you get into the game and you start to doubt yourself.. little cracks of fear and hesitation enter your mind.. your heart starts to race faster.. you begin to distrust all that you know and all that confidence and bravado you used to have in yourself.. and just like that, you’re DONE. Before it even starts.

And here’s the worst part about it: Even though EVERYONE you know is going through this, NO ONE is teaching you how to overcome and crush it. So how the heck are you supposed to deal with it?

Maybe you try the Internet. You google some search terms about dealing with lack of self-belief and confidence for sports and you find some webpages that offer some solutions. You try them…maybe they work, maybe they don’t. It doesn’t matter though, your wavering belief in yourself still remains.

How do I know about this so well?

Well, you remember how I said EVERYONE deals with self-belief issues? That includes me.

When I was 17 years old and entering my senior year of High School, I was rock-solid. Or at least I thought I was.

My speed was just dope, my skills were noteworthy and I had ambitions the size of Goliath on the juice. And I’d crush it in practice and scrimmages. Not even an issue. Dominating games like that was like riding a bike — no thought even involved.

But then I’d get in a serious game, we’d hit the 4th quarter, the stakes would be raised and I’d falter, I’d fail and I’d lose (I’m literally getting angry just typing/remembering this right now..).

When it mattered most, I’d lose it all — and it was simply because these stupid messages of doubt and distrust in myself would begin to create pathways in my brain and literally overcome everything that I had always worked so hard for.

This literally drove me crazy and like you, I began to search for a solution. So I tried my coaches first — alas, they were no help…what do they know about this sports psychology stuff?

So I went to my dad, who helped a little because, well..he is my own flesh and blood, but again, as much as he wanted to help, what did he really know about this sports psychology stuff?

So I went to my final resort: The Internet.

I Google’d and Yahoo’ed and Dogpile’d and searched high and far until I found one thing that grabbed my attention. It was an e-training course for sports psychology that dealt directly with that agonizing lack of self-belief we all went through (it’s not available online anymore, couldn’t find it anywhere, there are better options nowadays anyways).

Skeptical, I put my doubts aside, whipped out my credit card and gave it a shot.

Two weeks later, I would walk onto the court in the 4th quarter with the swagger of Kanye on the red carpet. I was so stupidly confident you’d have thought I was permanently drunk on life…smiling, cracking jokes and best of all, DOMINATING my competition.

I could not be stopped…what a turnaround, right?

So what were some of the things I picked up from the e-course that can help you out too?

Well I’m gonna save my best for something else which you’ll read about below in just a second, but here’s one little teaser: You’ve heard of an self-affirmation, right?

It’s where you say the same thing over and over to yourself ’til it becomes so ingrained into you that your conscious and sub-conscious mind fully believe and live by it. And it can work a little for some people, BUT…

A lot of people do it completely WRONG. They’ll say something over and over to themselves like:

“I will not lose. I will not lose. I will not lose. I will not lose. I will not lose.”

Here’s why this is wrong: Your brain doesn’t register words like “not” or “can’t”, so when you say “I will not lose”, all it keeps hearing is “lose, lose, lose”. See how negative that can be?

Instead of “I will not lose”, you’d be much better off saying something like “I always win, I always win, I always win.”

But that’s just a quick tip and honestly, not even close to the INSTANT-RESULT tips I have to share with you all about this.

And you’re gonna wanna hear these — this is a problem that will stick with you FOREVER if not dealt with.

But before I do share these instant-result tips, I need to hear from you first. To do so, answer this question below now in the Comments Section:

“How different would your game/life be if you NEVER had to deal with those little cracks of self-doubt that often penetrate your mind when you least want it to happen? How would things be different for you?”

Once we hit 110 comments, I’ll come back to you and lay down the law on CRUSHING away all notions of self-doubt and fear for your sport, forever.

Talk to you in the Comments Section!


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Benson Alexander

October 22, 2010

If I had never self-doubt, I easily would’ve overcame my sprained ankle injury during sophomore basketball season of High school and bounced back to make the varsity basketball team and become the best basketball player in my high school and just dominate and received offers from D1 colleges, which will get me on the high road to fulfill the dreams of playing in the NBA. Unfortunately it did not go the way as I have envisioned as I am now a sophomore in college and still on the pursuit of fulfilling my dreams and pave my own path that no one else has gone before.

In addition, I believe a lot of people would think I’m cocky if I never self-doubted, but I would have the ultimate unbeatable confidence that will help me overcome any fears or intimidation and give it my best shot at everything I do.

Can you help me make my dreams come true, Alex?


October 22, 2010

without self-doubt I’d perform at my fullest. and hesitate once. and my goals would be “easier” to come by:-) I’d feel much better and more confident:-)


October 23, 2010

If I never had self-doubt, i would be unstoppable and try new things that are sure to work but I’ve never had the confidence to do


October 23, 2010

Same man I crumble under pressure if I didnt hesitate I could perform at my best.


October 24, 2010

If I never had fear things would be so much my game would be restless my swagger would make people fear me. If I know how to over come fear just over coming fear it self would be mind blowing for everybody that’s trying to over come it would be better player world wide


October 24, 2010

That’s Too nice, when it comes in india hope it can make a Rocking place for youngster.. hope that
come true.


October 24, 2010

the only reason im not a pro is becuz of fear… i am such a good shooter but i choke in games because i get nervous and i am capable of doing so many greater things if i overcome fear


October 24, 2010

i started basketball my freshmen year and i had no skill and no confidence. I have gained alot of skill in the three years but now i need confidence in order to use that skill effectively in games. If i never had those times of self doubt i know my game would be so much better.


October 24, 2010

Hey Coach Alex,
Akeel here, from Srilanka.I am so glad that i finally found the no 1 problem that is standing in- between my basketball success and me.Even though i practice all day
and feel so confident about myself, as soon as i get onto the court for a real game,thats when doomsday arrives! I almost completely freeze.I cant even take a proper layup( i am a star at practice but whats the use if i cannot do well in realgame situations.)That really sucks knowing that you put in all the hard work only to go into a game and not do well.
It seems i never can overcome it.Please ,please help me with this problem of getting my mentality right before the game.I badly need your help.PS I really truly appreciate what your doing .Please reply soon .
Thanks a lot


October 25, 2010

without self doubt, everything i do would be so much better. I practice all the time, but when it gets to pressure situations, i always mess it up. just yesterday i screwed up for my baseball team while under pressure. I really appreciate what your doing. Thanks man,


June 25, 2016

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