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The Number One Mistake (and my damaging realization)…

By Alex On October 5, 2009 Under How To Run Faster

Wow, this is big…

It all started just about a month ago (this story is game-changing, and more *real* details are coming later, but this part is crucial). I was answering some emails from athletes all over the globe: A soccer player from Finland, a baseball player from Nevada, a basketball player from Germany (why doesn’t anyone from the Caribbean ever email me and invite me to come visit, by the way?).

So like I said, I was answering all these different “athletic training” questions about getting faster, jumping higher, adding muscle, getting stronger, getting more flexible…everything under the sun.

But I started to notice a pattern as I started getting deeper and deeper into my inbox. It seemed like most of these athletes biggest problem wasn’t their exercise selection or diet or anything like that…it was bigger, and A LOT worse:

They couldn’t stay focused and stick to a plan, completely MISSING OUT ON LOTS OF RESULTS.

They’d find a workout program, do it for a couple weeks, then find another one that looked “more fun” and jump to that one. Then, they’d read something in a magazine that had to be their “magic potion” and they’d jump to that program…they were Stage 5 “Program Jumpers”!

And all of their jumping around was leaving them without any results, any gains and accomplishing nothing…it left them “frozen solid” in the same place.

Then, I spoke to a Platinum Athletic Coaching Client of mine who had gotten loose and done some program jumping of his own (that is a “chock-full-of-secrets” story that I am going to reveal THIS Thursday)!

All of this truly shocked the heck out of me (was I seriously this out of the loop?). Athletes, literally WORLDWIDE, were and are missing out on GINORMOUS RESULTS because they didn’t and don’t stick to a plan…

…so armed with this brand-new realization, I knew I had to find a solution.

I racked my brain.

I talked to my colleagues and mentors.

I called my old college coaches.

And then I racked my brain some more….and one night, lying restlessly in my bed (just a few weeks ago now), I discovered the breakthrough solution I had been looking for.

And now I’m almost ready to get it to YOU.

It’s so darn exciting because it solves so many of these damaging solutions I’ve been seeing:

-It doesn’t force you to stick to the plan, it defies common sense and actually makes YOU WANT TO stay focused (so, so, SO cool)

-It challenges you to make DRASTIC, DRASTIC improvements (in a very short amount of time)

-It gets stunning results time and time again (in minimal amounts of time)

-It viciously knocks out all of those “routine, mundane” workouts you’ve been rotting through

And I am almost ready to release it to you, but not quite yet…

…we’re putting some final touches on the new webpage that’ll tell you more about it, and we’re also trying really hard to figure out just how many copies of this bad-boy we should release….but like I said, be ready on Thursday, I’m going to tell you all about that story of my own Platinum Athletic Client who was “Program Jumping” (not embarrassing for me, let’s call it a “lesson learned”!).

This is exciting…


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3 comments - add yours
Howard Spencer

October 5, 2009

Hey Alex, I’m from the Caribbean (Trinidad and Tobago to be exact). It would be nice to have you here (if you can bring Mr. Baggett along, that would be awesome).

I would like to endorse your point of sticking to a plan. I have been following a strength training plan called Power to the People by Pavel Tsatsouline, for the past 13-14 months. My deadlift increased from 270lbs to 530lbs at a bodyweight of 220 lbs. There were times when I wanted to quit, just always had to remind myself that Rome wasn’t built in a day.


October 5, 2009

Hey, Thanks for the info. While training my son we stick to a program but change it up every 4 weeks. This seems to keep the interest and the body guessing and progressing. I was wondering what your thoughts are on the best breathing technique for base running in baseball. My son is 13 and uses basic regular breathing but some of his teammates seem to be using big in/out breaths. Let me know and thanks for sharing your knowledge. Sorry I am in Illinois and it is beginning to get cool so I would go for the Caribbean:)


October 6, 2009

I agree, and have been preaching it to my own clients about sticking with it, or just anyone who would ask me about training … or specifically nutrition. Even with all the programs out there, trainers (internet) many people do jump around because they don’t see the results they want in 5 days or less, time is very important! As is patience. Good piece