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The Latest “Flying In Four” Q & A – Does Walking More Make You Jump Higher?

By Alex On August 15, 2010 Under How To Increase Vertical

Hey there,

Hope everything’s going well and you’re not only
WORKING HARD towards your goals, but you’re
almost MOVING CLOSER to reaching them 🙂

I’ve got some good Q & A here for you in today’s
“Flying In Four Mailbag”, so let’s get to this..


I have a question for you…one of my friends and I were playing
basketball the other day, and he claimed that ever since he had
started walking literally everywhere, that he had been jumping a
little higher every week.

He also claims that he hasn’t been doing any weights or training
lately, just a ton of walking!

What I’m wondering is, can this be true and will it also help me?

Or did he just lose a lot of weight and consequently he happens to jump
higher (or something like that)? I just don’t know!!!!!

I just had a hard time believing that walking, and only walking
could strengthen anyone’s legs enough to bring their vertical leap

An explanation with your great expertise would be greatly

Thanks so much!!!


MY COMMENTS >>> AHH…how often do we hear stuff like this
from our friends!

Everyone’s got the secret pill, right?

“Dude, just do toe raises…that’s how you jump higher.”

Or maybe “Just take creatine. My cousins girlfriend’s goldfish
salesman took nothing but creatine for 3 months, and now he has a 13-foot
vertical jump.”


This is 2010, we don’t have to go on speculation or just “theory”
anymore…we KNOW what works for JUMPING HIGHER (and no, it’s not

To answer your question, there are THREE possible reasons why you’re
friend is jumping higher:

1. Your friend said he hasn’t been doing any training or weight
lifting lately. Here’s why this is important:

A LOT of athletes OVER-TRAIN themselves. They get so motivated,
focused and determined, they decide they need to be training 2-3
hours a day, 6 days a week.

Things go well at first. The newly-added stimulus SPARKS new growth
in your body and you get stronger, faster and more explosive.

BUT then things start to go downhill..

* You start to get sore and tired ALL THE TIME

* You start to see training and playing as a JOB, instead
of the super-awesomely GAME that it is

And the WORST part is, those new speed and strength gains
you’ve added in the last couple weeks DISAPPEAR.

Instead of all the hard work making you jump higher,
you JUMP LOWER as you continue to beat your body down
with more training and work that it can’t recover from fast enough.

This is more common than you think (and if this sounds
like you, then you need to stop reading this newsletter and
pick up a copy of “Flying In Four” so you can get on a proven
training program that will not only make you jump SERIOUSLY
higher, but you keep you excited, fresh and pumped up all
the time. Get that here: http://www.JumpHigherIn4Weeks.com).

Going back to your friend, because doing too much work
is such a common problem, it’s possible that in the last few
months he too had been one of those people doing TOO MUCH WORK
and never letting his body fully recover.

But then, it sounds like he did something REALLY SMART…

…he STOPPED TRAINING, which did one good thing for him:
It gave his body time to ACTUALLY recover from all of that
training he’s been doing before.

So check this out: You know those new vertical jump gains
he just got recently?

Those likely were the result of the months of training he had put in in
before, when he “over-worked” himself.

His body just needed some serious time off to recover.

So that’s Option 1 as to why he’s jumping higher.

Option Number 2. You already know strength has a lot to do with
jumping higher, right? (If you didn’t, NOW you do 🙂

I’m going to make an assumption here: you’re a teenager.

I’m also going to assume your friend is also a teenager.

And what do all teenagers all have in common?

Besides poor music taste (Bieber…like really?!?) and consuming
insane amounts of pizza, they’re also extremely *hormonal*.

That’s not weird or anything like that, it just means that during
your teenage years, you do a lot of maturing physically and that
has a lot to do with your body producing much larger amounts
of certain hormones.

And besides making you look older and giving you the choice of
growing a ridiculous mustache, they also make you physically
stronger, WITHOUT you having to do any type of training.

See where I’m going with this?

It’s very possible that you hadn’t seen your friend in a while,
he had a big puberty burst, which made him STRONGER,
and just like that he’s jumping higher.

Option Number 3. If he really did SIGNIFICANTLY increase
his walking AND improve his diet, then he could have lost
some slumping body-fat.

That fat loss would make him jump higher, simply because
he weighed less (without losing any of that strength).

If I had to choose, I’d say Option 1. Just my hunch here.

QUESTION FROM A READER: “I am 169 cm tall and I play basketball. I can
only touch the backboard but I really hope to dunk one day. Can a
21-year old Asian guy dunk standing only at 169 cm tall?


MY COMMENTS >>> Yes. Now stop tip-toe’ing around.
Stop NOT believing in yourself. STOP trying things
that don’t work. And stop not owning your own personal
copy of “Flying In Four”.

Get it here now (http://www.JumpHigherIn4Weeks.com),
and then email me in a couple months with a question that says something
like, “Thanks Alex for pushing me in the right direction…I needed that push to
really believe in my self and really work my butt off..and, YES!, I finally dunked
yesterday at the park in front of all of my friends. They went wild for me. Also,
you make complex things easy to understand and have a sense of style
that makes Taylor Allan jealous beyond belief.”

QUESTION FROM A READER: “What are the 3 best hamstring excercises to help
increase vertical jump?


MY COMMENTS >>> Good question Nick. A TON of athletes
think that just working on their quadriceps (muscle on the
front of your thigh) and calf muscles is all that you really
need to jump higher.

That couldn’t be FURTHER from the truth (by the way, the best
3 hamstring exercises for a vertical jump are Romanian Deadlifts,
Glute Ham-Raises and Reverse Hyper’s with an isometric pause
at the top).

Try this: Think of improving your vertical jump as the cast on
“The Jersey Shore” (trashy TV, I know, but.. well.. OK, I
actually have no excuse for watching it..it just makes me smile 🙂

Anyways, again, the vertical jump is LIKE the cast of
“The Jersey Shore”.

If they only had “The Situation” and Pauly D on the show, sure, it’d
still be OK, but it wouldn’t be anywhere near as entertaining
as it is with all the cast members.

Same thing goes for any of other people on the show. If you only
had some of them, it’d be just “OK”.

The vertical jump is the same.

If you just work on the quadriceps and calf raises by ONLY
doing squats and calf raises, sure, your vertical jump would
improve a little bit, but it’d just end up being “OK”.

If you instead CHOOSE to work on all the IMPORTANT pieces to a higher
vertical jump, then it’s not gonna be just “OK”.. It’s gonna be GREAT.

And in the last few years, between me and the Vertical Jump Mad Scientist,
Kelly Baggett, we feel we’ve uncovered every last piece there is to
getting DRASTIC improvements on your vertical jump.

To be honest, there’s even a piece that Kelly figured
out recently that no one really talks about, or even understands.

But I’ll tell you something else…

For the athletes who have used this particular piece, it has made
ALL THE DIFFERENCE in their vertical jumps and their vertical
jump workouts.

And once you START using this “vertical jump piece” as well,
you’ll feel that DIFFERENCE too.

You’ll GET that difference.

And it’s smack-dab, right in the middle of our brand-new
vertical jump program, “Flying In Four”, a compilation of vertical jump
workouts GUARANTEED to add 4 inches on your vertical jump
in just 4 weeks.

That’s not all though, because there’s 12 weeks worth of
vertical jump workouts inside (which means we’re offering
something like 12 inches in 12 weeks here).

AND get this, it’s GUARANTEED. That means if for some reason
it doesn’t work out for you, you’ll just shoot me an email,
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No questions asked, no hard feelings.

This really is a “free try” for you. So I’m urging you now,
try it out. See how it goes. And if it doesn’t work out
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ALL the risk is on me and Kelly (and we love pressure,
trust me, we WON”T fail this one for you…you’re gonna
love “Flying In Four” and the explosive vertical jump gains
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recently figured out).

So go download your own personal copy of “Flying In Four”

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