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The State of The Athlete Address For 2011

By Alex On December 6, 2010 Under Sports Training

I did my best to be uber-serious in this video because the topic is pretty serious..

I only do this once a year (the State of the Athlete talk) and in it, I address the BIGGEST thing all success-minded athletes need to be aware of in 2011.

Times are definitely changing and if you’re not hip to what’s going on (especially when your competition is), you’ll get left behind, which to me, is entirely unacceptable, especially for a reader of mine!

In the words of the totally mortal DJ Khaled, “All WE do is win.”

So watch the video below now and then check out the OTHER surprise I made for you..

The Other Surprise: I spent a lot of time the last couple months putting together a brand-new eBook for you. And get this: it’s FREE.

It’s called “Success Stories With Alex Maroko” and it was made a few months ago when I had my subscribers write in to me to tell me about their goals, their dreams, their struggles and of course, their successes.

We picked most of the best responses and made a great eBook out of it, one that you’ll be able to read and borrow some inspiration/motivation for your own career whenever you want.

Get started reading it RIGHT NOW by simply right-clicking this link below:

Athlete Success Stories With Alex Maroko

And it’s free just because…

You’re totally awesome for reading my emails and allowing me to teach, help and guide you with your training and I guess I just wanted to show my thanks. Enjoy!

All the best.

Your Coach in Speed and Quickness,


P.S. Let me know what you think about the video and eBook in the Comments Section!

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2 comments - add yours
Lachlan Farley

December 6, 2010

Hey Alex,
Great address I really agree with you on a lot of those points. And I just want to say what an amazing job you are doing with all your athletes and the exceptional work you produce each and every year.
I was thinking so much along the same lines as you, that this year I have put together my own site called Athlete of Tomorrow, because your are right the Hybrid athlete of skill and athleticism is becoming dominant in todays game.
Now I come from a very similar background to you, having been slow and lacking a serious amount athletic ability, but through hard work and discipline and help from people such as your self, I have been able to over come most obstacles in my way and achieve much more then I ever thought possible.

So after many years of experimenting I have come up with a step by step guide to overcoming your genetics to produce game changing athleticism. Now the beauty of my program is that I have designed it so that programs like The TAQ program fits in perfectly and will actually sky rocket your success. While allowing space for people like Taylor Allen and Todd Herman’s programs to be used effectively as well, the combination of these (Taylor Allen for basketballers only) will send your athletic career in the stratosphere. (BTW I have personally used all of these programs and would highly recommend them to anyone who is slightly serious about becoming a better athlete) The type of training I have provided wont be found anywhere else on the internet much like the TAQ and I hope I can reach the same level of support and help that the TAQ quickness has provided to countless athletes.
But as you said Alex make 2011 the best year yet put the hard work in, more then ever before and watch the result come flooding in.
And start the new year with the greatest athleticism in mind, check out my site and my programs and as with any great program I guarantee you will love it and if u dont see results in 60 days your money back.
so go to the site http://athleteoftomorrow.com.au/index.html and see what you think.
And finally I want to thank you Alex and I think I speak for all subscribers here for what you are doing you go well above the call of duty and your hard work and effort is amazing and we all greatly appreciate the invaluable knowledge, experience and information that you provide us.
Thank you
Lachlan Farley
Athlete Of Tomorrow

Great video Alex! The attire is perfect and I really like how you thank all of your readers, subscribers, and customers. You are a class act man, keep it up!