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Squat Flex, Jumping Higher And Stuff

By Alex On November 15, 2009 Under How To Increase Vertical

So John Kim (the guy who owns JumpUSA, invented Jump Soles and now the Squat Flex) just sent me over a video for you guys to check out (and I added one of my own too that’s an “oldie, but goodie”).

Take a look below, let me know what you think and don’t forget that if you do decide to get The Squat Flex, you’re automatically entered into and/or get:

* The IPod Free Giveaway (I’ll be giving away 5 IPods to the exclusive pool of just new Squat Flex owners)

* Access to the Private Workout/Training Video Analysis (where I analyze and fix all of your training, there are 2 SPOTS left in that now)

*Stretch Your Vertical, the brand-new 17-page report that comes complete with a step-by-step stretching program that’s been designed specifically to maximize your vertical leap.

You can read about it here:

The Squat Flex (and IPods, Workout Analysis and Stretching Stuff!) <—check it out, eh?

I also JUST found out that the price of The Squat Flex is going to be almost doubling after this Tuesday (like 48 hours from now). I guess that means a few months from if you decide it’s time to take some action and make some changes in your athleticism, this bad-boy is going to retail for a whole lot more.

I guess that means now is probably the “more right” time to act (especially with all of the bonuses and freebies I’m throwing in until Tuesday too). Here it is at the almost 50% off price now:

The Squat Flex (and IPods, Workout Analysis and Stretching Stuff!)

The Squat Flex (and IPods, Workout Analysis and Stretching Stuff!)

Hope you like the videos,


12 comments - add yours

November 16, 2009

looking forward to the dvd.


November 17, 2009

Interesting and informative. But will you write about this one more?


November 23, 2009

Can you explain the benefits of this squat flex? Looks like an imitation hack squat to me. How can this thing give you the strength you need to jump higher? And how can they discount the squat rack in trying to hype up this equipment.

And a guarantee of “12 bands if you can’t dunk your money back”. If 12 bands is the equivalent of squating 2.5x’s your body weight, 95% of users will never reach that. Those are numbers hit by only elite athletes. So what is the guarantee?

Please explain to us followers where the value in this product you are promoting is?



November 23, 2009

Hey Andrea

After a lot of careful consideration, I decided to recommend the Squat Flex because it offers things I’ve come to realize people need:

1. It’s easy to use. Not lots of time spent learning or re-learning movement patterns.

2. It’s straightforward. If you knew some of the questions I receive from well-inentioned athletes, your head might just explode at the over-analytical, detailed questions and thoughts they come up with.

“Do more bands” appeals, ya know?

3. Lots of different things can teach your muscles to create the tension necessary to jump higher. Squats, deadlifts, plyometrics, BANDS and so on.

The general principles remain the same, the means to the end are variable.
As long as you’re teaching your body to create more tension voluntarily and rapidly, you’re on the right path. And like a squat, the Squat Flex does that.

4. Their guarantee is insane. It’s also GREAT for accountability.

So what if 12 bands is gonna be hard as hell for a lot of athletes?

What if they work so hard JUST to prove JumpUSA wrong and instead get to 10 bands? Don’t you think they’ll have significantly improved their vertical at that point.

And if so, don’t you think their investment in the Squat Flex would have been a prudent one?

I hope that helps,



December 7, 2009

1. For the squatflex what is the rest time in between?

2. I been resting 2min in between sets is that too much?

3. Does it matters if my back is straight when doing this because it’s really hard to keep my back straight due to all the resistance.

4. I’m currently using 7 band each side but I’m about 1’6″ away from touching the rim is my vertical too low? Is it working for me?

5. When doing squatflex my legs can handle it but it’s a lot of strain on my arms and hands, can it jack up my arm?

6. Can I do the workout more than 2x a week? If so how many days rest in between?

7. And can squatflex kill my horizontal jump, speed, or explosion?


January 9, 2010

Hey Alex, I’m going to get the squat flex real soon, if there are some still in stock, so I’m having the same questions as Gun.


February 8, 2010

Hey gun, the Squat Flex is basically another tool to increase your vert, just like a squat or deadlift.

1. Generally for high intensity exercises you try to rest as long as you need to lift your best, for most this is in between 2-5 minutes. You don’t want to wait too long as your muscles won’t stay warm.

2. No.

3. You should strive to keep your back as straight as possible. Your lower back especially is very important for jumping. Aside from injury to your back which is very possible if you are going high weight and putting strain on it when it’s not straight, you’re cheating yourself out of strength you could be getting in your lower back. Go as high as you can while keeping your back straight and eventually it’ll catch up to your legs and provide even better gains for jumping.

4. Increased vertical isn’t something that happens overnight. You need to train hard, eat right, sleep right among many other things. Getting stronger doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be jumping higher. Kind of like #3, jumping something that requires your entire body. Just because your legs might be huge and massive, if you can’t use them well because your back, or abs, or ankles are too weak to use their full power, you won’t be jumping as high as you can. I just looked on their website and if you can lift the 7 bands they say you should be able to dunk.

Since it looks like you are far away from that there are two more things that you need to do. 1) Get to the point where you can lift those 7 bands with good form, which means straight back, pulling straight up etc. 2) Practice jumping. Just because you have the leg strength doesn’t necessarily mean you have the speed or experience to use that strength.

5) It probably could hurt your arm, but if you’re lifting so much weight to the point where its bending your back and hurting your arms, that’s too much. You can have just as effective if not more effective workouts by lowering the bands and lifting them with more effort and good form.

6) If you’ve never lifted before yea, you could probably do it 3-4 times a week with a day in between. If you’ve been weight lifting or using the squat flex for a longer amount of time, 4-12 months, you should probably cut it back to about once every 3-4 days as your body needs more time to recover.

7) No, you’re building your jumping muscles, it’s not taking anything away from you. If anything it’ll make all those things get better

From an unbiased stand point, as I’m not really affiliated with this site in anyway, I think the squat flex is a waste of money. If you have access to any kind of gym with weights and time (I do), you can basically get more or less the same results without forking over cash. It will take time, it will take some extra research to figure out what works for you and doesn’t, but it’s a great journey.

If you have no time and no gym, the squatflex is a great little contraption that you can do in your room or take anywhere. It’s not some magic trick, it’s a workout machine to make your jumping / squatting muscles stronger.

Roman Miranda

May 19, 2010

I started using the squat flex and im on 3 bands on each side. I’m a little confused when you say 12 bands. Do you mean 12 bands on each side, or six bands on each side. If its 12 bands on each side 1. how the hell are you gunna lift 12 bands, three for me is a little tricky and 2. When i got the squat flex, It only came with 14 bands. That means I can only put on 7 bands on each side.

I also use a mcdavid rap around for my back when I use it and knee braces. You think Ill be good? I also ice my knees after im done with the workouts.


July 2, 2010

yea i was thinkin about the exact same thing as roman!


September 11, 2010

You guys all kill me haha!!! I’ve been dunking since I was twelve years old and was only 5’2″ at the time. Sprinting is the greatest exercise for vertical leap and jumping. The people saying to go buy free weights don’t see the whole picture. I haven’t even used the squatflex and know it will work. With free weights you are just lifting a dead weight. With the resistance bands the weight and resistance get stronger the higher you lift. One thing though just getting stronger isn’t enough you have to get out and jump to train your central nervous sytem as well. Strength, speed and coordination are all different.