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Speed Training For Sports

By Alex On December 6, 2009 Under How To Run Faster

I’m sitting in here at Barnes and Noble right now cranking out this blog post and I have to say, I’m really impressed with the set-up they have here.

There’s a whole series of large, open desks with soothing, calm music playing, not to mention the nice aroma of coffe beans and “new book smell” all around…I think I just found my new “get lots of work done in a short amount of time” spot (I guess it’s fairly obvious at this point the smaller, overlooked things like this make me happy, LOL).

OK, enough of that, let’s talk about getting you super-duper athletic.

We know about strength and how important it is and how you’e gonna need it if you ever wanna be, well…super-duper athletic (if you DON’T know, go read this now: http://gamespeedinsider.com/access/385 and this: http://gamespeedinsider.com/access/strength-and-speed-workouts-for-athletes).

So, now that you’re getting stronger, you’re gonna want to be able to use that strength explosively. You could take the strongest guy in the world, but he’s not going to be fast or explosive unless he can use that strength rapidly.

That’s the difference between a guy who’s really strong but slow and a guy who might just be kinda strong, but is really fast…the second guys uses the strength he has rapidly.

And if that second guy even had more strength, he’d be even faster. Make sense? Good.

So, now that you’re getting stronger, how do you turn it around so you can use that strength for speed?

Easy…by continuing to keep “speed-related” activities in your training. These “speed-related” activities could be:

* Playing your sport on a regular basis

* Running sprints

* Jump Training

* Power training (Olympic Lifts, dynamic effort weight training, etc.)

You don’t need a lot of these things…you just want to make sure your body and nervous system “sees” some fast and explosive stuff every once in a while. Some athletes might spend their whole off-season just getting stronger, but not doing anything speed-related and end up getting slower.

If they had just done one of those aforementioned activities above every once in a while, even once or twice a week or so, they would be significantly better off.

In my opinion, these activities above aren’t going to make or break your speed and power…I wouldn’t design a whole training program around them, but one “speed-related” exercise performed to the highest quality a couple times a week will go a long way.

Again, in my opinion, the real most important keys to becoming  “super-duper” athlete are getting stronger and getting your feet and lower legs quick.

That’s why Kelly and I created The Truth About Quickness Insider’s System. The “getting stronger” part isn’t that difficult or complicated…the getting “your feet and lower legs quick” part is to an extent (that’s not really a concern anymore though with the TAQ now publicly available).

And that’s what we’ll be chatting about on Tuesday. There’s also going to be some BIG news about TAQ on Tuesday (this has been a major secret for a while…but we’re almost there so I guess I can tell you some stuff about it. There’s going to be a *seriously BIG* promotion for TAQ starting Tuesday through Thursday. It’s going to include THREE new bonuses (like MAJOR bonuses) and stuff like that all in celebration of the holidays, so if you’re planning on getting it between now and then, I wouldn’t).

Talk later,