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Some Blazing Speed Questions Answered…

By Alex On October 8, 2009 Under Speed Training Workouts

WOW…so many good questions coming in about The Blazing Speed Challenge.

My assistant Austin said he’s never seen so many passionate, looong emails coming in about ONE thing…looks like some people are READY for more speed.

But, have no fear, I did my best below to answer some of the MOST common questions. Enjoy!

Q: How does The Blazing Speed Challenge work exactly?

A: You get The Blazing Speed Challenge book (there are 200 copies being put out in TOTAL). You then follow it to a T. It will tell you exactly what you need to for every single workout for the NEXT 28 days (it actually will tell you what to do every single day to MAXIMIZE results, but you’re looking at roughly 5 hours a week of explosive, speed-getting training).

It will keep you on track and focused at the task at hand. You won’t be able to get side-tracked or distracted like most athletes usually do….you literally won’t have a choice, but to gain a TON of speed over the course of the next 28-Days, simply because you’re utilizing the special, synergistic effect of “The Triangle of Triumph” and you’re adding that to an absolutely deadly speed training program.

When you put those two colossal pieces together, watch out…

Q: Why is it 28 Days? Why not 30, or 60 Days?

A: Good question. The Blazing Speed Challenge was designed to work over the course of 28-Days for several reasons:

* All people (not just athletes) have a tendency to become bored with their workouts after 4 weeks or so…

* The human body is incredibly “adaptable” and often becomes used to the workouts you’re doing at around the 4-week mark. By making it exactly 28-Days, we’re maximizing results and minimizing any possible error or screw-ups.

* Because 28-Days is shorter than 30, or even 60 days! I’m guaranteeing you more speed here in 28 days…do you really want me to make it take longer than that?

Put all that together, and it becomes crystal clear that 28-Days is your “yellow brick road” of least resistance and MAXIMUM results.

Q: OK, I get that it’s going to keep me focused, dedicated and on the right path, but how does the actual speed workouts and programs work?

A: The entire program lasts 28-Days, exactly. It’s been designed specifically to garner massive results in a very short amount of time. It actually only requires that you train LESS than an hour a day. There are also lots of days dedicated to rest and recovery (my personal favorite days!).

It’s also been tested and proven on several athletes. It’s a special program that has been altered and optimized to work synergistically with “The Triangle of Triumph”, and you already know how lethal that combo can be.

Q: What kind of equipment does it require? Is this another “bulky, bodybuilding” program?

A: Nope. Since muscular strength is an important component to acceleration, explosive strength and starting strength, you will get to lift weights, but only 3 days a week.

The weight-training portion of your workouts will take no more than 35-40 minutes, and have been designed to ONLY improve the contractile strength of your muscle fibers (functional strength), not the bulky, heavy “bodybuilding” type muscle.

Q: POINT BLANK, does it work?

A: Point blank…YES. In 28 days, you will get


*more explosive


….quite simply, you will transform into a MUCH better athlete, all in a short 28 Days.

I’ll be back on Sunday to recap everything, as I’ve been getting even more questions and don’t want to really miss out on anything.

And NOW, The Contest:

In the Comments Section below, just tell me why you deserve the FREE copy of The Blazing Speed Challenge.

I’m not going to put a limit on sentences or anything like that, but short and direct is always best. Then, on Sunday night, about 12 hours before the release of The Blazing Speed Challenge, we’ll pick the winner and then get totally ready for the worldwide release.

So again, in the Comments Section below, tell me why it’s you that deserves the FREE copy of The Blazing Speed Challenge.

Good luck,


P.S. And please, for your sake, DO NOT forget, this is going LIVE this Monday, October 12 at 12 Noon Eastern Time. Two-Hundred copies are going out to 200 Challengers who want guaranteed speed and explosiveness, all in a short 4-weeks. And that’ll be it.

I want to be sure that if you are a dedicated athlete who wants to get faster, it’ll be you that gets one of the 200 copies…

…so, get ready!

123 comments - add yours

October 11, 2009

I feel like I should be able to get the free program because it would be a great booster for me. Right now I’m a college athlete and I torn ligaments in both my MCl and in my meniscus from football. Before this injury I had speed and after this injury I could never get back to where I was. It’s depressing not being able to run at a speed that you know you’re capable of doing. I’ve been trying everything to get my speed back but it hasn’t be working for me. I’ve looked at the videos you had and for example the one with running up a hill before the 40 yard dash worked for me. So I’m a believer in your program and hopefully you guys can help me with getting back on track.


October 11, 2009

hello alex.

well let me start off with my names josh and ive been reading your post for sometime now and everytime i read them i always get exited about training. i love learning new thing and putting them into my workout. Now for the reason im writing this comment is because i REALLY deserve this free copy of Blazing Speed Challenge. Ever since i was little ive always dream about playing college football. so when i turned 13 i started my journey to becoming the best and fastest athlete i could be. but now 4 years later ive gain a good amount of strength but i havent gotten any faster. i bought your truth about quickness programs and right now im on phase II and i feel me getting more explosive but im already a senior and have only months to become fast and explosive before i go into college. im going to be a walk on because all four year of high school football my coaches played favorites and NEVER gave me a chance to show them what i had. thats half the reason why i think im not as good as i could be. they all made me feel lik i was never good enough. Ive been training myself since i was 13 because i dont have the money for a trainer PLEASE alex give me this chance to play college football i will appreciate it SOOOOO much if you give me the free copy of the Blazing Speed Challenge.


October 11, 2009

I am a 42 year old father with 4 boys. I compete well with the 20 somethings and want to keep the step. my oldest son is 12 and rapidly catching up on the 40 yard dash. I expect to stay competitive with my boys thru high school and need all the help to stay in front. 3 of my boys are adopted and have excellent genetics for speed and while I am just a very competitive average sized guy. I will be a great poster child for a free copy, because all my kids will use it. I also have 6 girls who can get after it as well. Yes, that is 10 kids! So, I need every advantage to stay strong, quick and competitive to help them reach their potential.


October 11, 2009

The reason i would like to get the dvd is for my son Kevin who is 12 yrs old and myself. He is short and when he runs or sprint if his teammates he is always one the last ones to finish. He has move up to a different league and plays with kids 13, 14 and 15 yrs old. I need him to be quicker and faster. I would like to the drills and exrecises with him. I think this will motivate him and we can bond a little closer. If this program works then my son and I can help others on the team that are slow to improve their speed. I want to prepare him for next year and hope he can carry this throughout his life. I believe speed is essential for any sport. I believe this will boost his confidence when he plays 2nd base and the outfield. Thank you.


October 11, 2009

I train my 14 year old son who has truly benefitted from the Truth about Quickness Program. He was pretty quick already but now he has incredibly fast feet which make him a nightmare on both the basketball court with crossovers and the soccer field with his now lightening like foot skills.

Now if your speed program is as effective as your T.A.Q. program; I need your program to help my son develop overwhelming, disheartening-to his opponents- speed. He is pretty fast but he is not nearly as fast as he needs to be. This could do it. If he has warp speed, then his athletic potentional will be limitless… Thanks to Alex Moroko.

Bill R

October 11, 2009

Hello Alex,

I would really like to have your free copy for two reasons…for me and my son. My son (15 with just average speed) is starting his 4th month from ACL replacement surgery and is starting to add running to his rehab. The varsity baseball coach is eyeing my son as possible varsity team material and is keeping a close eye on his rehab progress. He will also try out for varsity football as one of the QB’s and is really working hard. Sometimes hard is not enough…it has to be smart too.

I am 57 and have led a life of long distance running and triathlons but find myself wanting to do shorter, faster training and racing. Needless to say I’m good with distance, but would love to get speed into my routine effectively and efficiently.

We both would love to get faster with your program. My son really needs it more than me, so if there is only one who should get the program it should be him. I was hoping that your program might be useful for a person to get fast and rehab too. So your program might serve as more incentive to train smarter too as he gets stronger under the guidance of his rehab therapist and athletic trainer.

Thanks for your time and consideration in our quest to get faster.


dave seremek

October 11, 2009

Hi Alex:

My son is on a 14U travel baseball team. This fall they are playing with 90′ bases for the first time. The jump from the 80′ to the 90′ distance from home to 1st is killing these guys. They are not fast enough to beat out infield hits. They are getting thrown out trying to steal second. They hit into 4 double plays in their first game! UGH…….This team is the slowsky’s from the commercial on TV!!!

They say speed kills. Well the lack of speed is killing us.

Alex I would like to issue you a challenge. If the Blazing Speed Challenge is as good as you claim, let’s run a test on these 12 kids on this team just reaching puberty. If you can get these guys to increase their speed appreciably, you will have indisputable proof that your program willl increase speed across the entire spectrum for youth athletes. Your program would have a testimonial worth it’s weight in gold.

Alex, are you up to the challenge. We are.


October 11, 2009

i think i deserve the program because all my life people said i couldnt playb guard in basketball but now i have height a shot defense but all i need is speed.everyone calls me slow but with your program i could probably be the best maybe even make to nba or college level with your program on my shoulders and im in my junior year which is very improtant this is going to be my second year of basketball and ive got very good but i just need speed

Andre Olatunbosun

October 11, 2009

Hello Mr. Maroko. Well, being that my message might not be read, I still have some hope. I play basketball and I know everyone wants to go to the NBA but I practice everyday and by that I mean everyday HARD. I shoot, do craploads of ball handling drills and such. I would need speed to drastically improve and incorporate these things to because successful in my goal. I’d love to get this to help me. I’m 13 and play with 15 and 16 year olds with the same goal and chances are, none of us will play D3 basketball. I have determination and grades that will help me get to certain places. I really ask for a copy. I’ll try to be at the meeting on Monday Oct, 12th. I don’t know but I guess please take this into consideration. I know I sound like another one of those kids who want to make it and have no clue how hard it is to do so, but I do and I know what I need. I watch videos daily and my dad is annoyed at how frequent I practice. If you can, please be of assistance. Thanks in advance.


October 11, 2009

Hey Alex and Austin,

I am a 46 year old playing basketball in a over 35 year old league. It doesn’t sound big, but 3 years ago in Oct while on the court I suffered a heart attack. I was rushed to the hospital, hit with the defib padels and had 2 blocked arteries 100% and 80%. It was known as the widow maker and only 20% see the next day. After working out every day the doctor permitted me to play again last year. Averaged 11 pts a game.

I am up for the challenge to kick some young butt. If I can add speed to attack the basket and up my pts per game, what a sell that would be.



October 11, 2009

Hey Alex,

Ever since I can remember playing sports, I’ve never really been the go-to guy on any time. Usually every time we pick teams I would be close to last. My first two and half years of high school sports were pathetic as I barely ever played on the football team and my times during track season were less than remarkable. But during the winter of my junior year I decided to work hard and weight lift all I could to get stronger. When track season came around, I cut 1.5 seconds off my 100, 3 seconds off my 200 and 10 seconds off my 400 from sophomore year. My 4×100 team even won state! Even after this, people still doubt me when it comes to anything athletic and if I could get this program I would finally be able to quiet all the doubters. I just want to take my speed to the next level and get closer towards my dream of winning state in an individual event.


October 11, 2009

Hi Alex,

I am sure that you have heard all the stories and tales as to why they should recieve the challenge. Well my story is simple. My son Nick needs it if he wants to play baseball at Division I level. His 60 times is too slow for his position which is outfield. His fastest 60 time is 6.9. He needs to run at least 6.5. Part of the problem is his start and lack of explosivenessafter the start. Just improving that along will help him take off .3 to .5 of a second off his time. That would be huge for him if he can improve on this. He possesses all the other tools to be a great baseball player, just lacks the speed for Division I and draft potential. He needs your challenge to take him to the next level. He is almost there. He would appreciate this challenge, no doubt.
Thank you


October 12, 2009

Hey Alex,

I deserve a copy because my dream is to play in the NBA or become a semi-professional basketball player.

In my country, Singapore, there are many restriction that make me think that im just dreaming. Here, education is the most important thing( to get a good certificate to compete for a job). Plus, basketball here is not really very famous.

I want to get much quicker so that i can play point guard. Im 6’0″ or 6’1″, about 180lbs at 17. Here, im considered a center or a power forward. Ain’t that rediculous!!! For my height, i know in a professional leaguue, im a PG. Hence, i want to get faster.

I have been working on my ball handling skills since your effective ball handling programme. Now i want to dunk and cross somebody up and blow by them, with speed, i can do them better.

P.S. Im 17 already, and i think time is running a bit short for me to realise my dream as i see nba players at about 20 years old.

Thanks a lot!


October 12, 2009


My name is darrien and my senior year I tore my acl playing football and I lost my scholarship because they said I would never have the speed I had again. Now I’m playing for a semi-pro team but I’m only on prqc squad cus they said I don’t hve the speed that I need to play DB but I do have the skill to play, so If I could get this it would help out tremondously and make my dreams of playing football after high school come true. Thank you for your time.

salman ahmed

October 12, 2009

hi Mr Maroko.
I believe that i deserve a free copy because I live in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and don’t have access to decent coaches. I’m 16 and i play basketball. I want to get faster in order to compet with guys my own age. Athletics is not my life but i still want to be good at a sport. I would be very grateful if u could send me a free copy.



October 12, 2009

hi Alex ,
my drean is make to the NBA but the odds are against me im 17 years old 5’10, white and from ireland but with a copy of blazing speed i know i can make. the chances are slim but i know its possible with your help ALEX.
thanks alot,


October 12, 2009

Im 15 and playing on my highschool football team. Ive always been one of the slower kids and because of that I dont get much playing time. I would really aprreciate it if you sent me the program. Hopefully it can get me up to speed with the rest of the team. Thanks a lot.

jonathon little

October 12, 2009

I need a copy because I am training my three younger sibling on who plays basketball at the D2 level and the other two who aspire to play D1. By developing a solid foundation of speed and power at an early age their chances for success are greatly enhanced. With this program the foundation can be laid to for greatly enhancing their athletic career.

Alex Wong

October 12, 2009

Hey Alex,

My name is Alex Wong and I am 15 years old, and a passionate basketball player. Although I am only 5’3 in a game where height is essential, I still love the game and I wouldn’t rather do anything else. I train hard, play hard, but I always have fun, because that’s what it is all about. Although I am already the quickest player on my team, I am ready and prepared but more importantly determined to take my game to the next level. What ever you say, ill follow, what ever it takes i will achieve.

With all due respect,
Alex Wong


October 13, 2009

Hi, I think than I can alot out of your program. I,m 47, and pretty strong, all I need is more speed, so that I can achieve more and more results.
Thank you.


October 14, 2009


I am from India. I have been a keen follower of your regular fitness updates. I am impressed by the focus and depth of your commitment to fitness and needless to say, all your updates have been very helpful to me in some way or the other.

I am 40 now and given the fact that I have started my journey toward total fitness a bit late in life, I find myself constantly having to fight the age barrier in every challenge that I face in this space.

My fitness goal is to gain muscle and increase strength in as optimal a way as possible.And that is why I feel I need your help and of course, a copy !!

Best wishes,


October 21, 2009

hi alex. im 35 years old and have always been athletic. last year i had an injury and had to have surgery this past may. they had to fuse my l5 and s1 vertabrea while putting in 2 screws and 6 rods. im trying to make a full recovery by march and i want to be a walk on for a local baseball team. iv been training and dieting very hard but am limited by my current condition. im trying to get my movents and motion back and feel that this could be crucial to my recovery and hopefully successfull tryout. iv gone from 230lbs to 198 in only 5weeks. i want to be able to start my agility and quickness training by december. thanks for your time. chris

Mark Thompson

December 8, 2009

I will use it and hae great success with it. I bought your quickness program, which is working wonders. But I am greedy and I want to be the best. I just want some more.