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November Inner Circle Interrogation of the Month

By Alex On November 1, 2010 Under The Inner Circle Interrogation of the Month

Hey there!

In November’s Inner Circle Interrogation of the Month, I went to the top muscle-building expert for hardgainers that I know, Vince Delmonte (the pro guy I was getting was too backed up with in-season stuff, so we had to reschedule for soon).

Let me tell you, Vince is a badass mofo and he LOVES talking about building muscle and what it’s going to do for you as a HUMAN. As he says over and over in the interview, “muscle has changed my life in EVERY way possible”.

And in the interview, we discuss ALL the different ways for YOU to add muscle, all the exercises and techniques you’ll use to build definition and even the tricks you can pull out to create the illusion of someone much stronger and bigger (which can be HUGE for any athlete, as I explain in the interview).

This interview went WAY behind my expectations (and they were pretty high to start too). My advice?
Listen to this interview very closely.

Alex Maroko Interrogates Vince Delmonte on All The Different Muscle-Building Tricks For Athletes

Right-Click The Link Above and Select “Save Target As” or “Open in ITunes” to Download The mp3.

Screen shot 2010-10-07 at 6.42.05 PM

Enjoy this.

Later days,


P.S. I screwed up the beginning of the interview (as you’ll hear). No worries — us ballers persevere through anything.

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