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Q & A November 29, 2010: Fixing Jumping Imbalances Between The Right and Left Leg

By Alex On November 29, 2010 Under Q & A With Alex

QUESTION: Back in March, I had a bad leg injury (partially fractured right fibula) and had surgery a few days after that.

I was on crutches for about 2 months. My running is just fine now and I’m actually quicker now than I was before the injury (largely thanks to your TAQ 2 system 😉 ) and I run fine off my right foot . But I still can’t jump off my right foot as well as I can off of my left foot. I feel like this has also negatively impacted my two-footed jump. I work on my ankle strength some, but do you have any suggestions of how I can bring my right foot up to speed (or maybe jump). Thank you

-Jacob H.

>>> MY COMMENTS: Without me being able to see you in person and hear what your entire rehab schedule, it’s hard for me to tell you exactly what to do man. I’d also like to note I am NOT a doctor or physical therapist and any info I give you here is based purely on my own experiences and is not true medical advice. I mean, it’ll probably work for you, but I just gotta re-state that upfront.

The first question I would ask you is if you’re right or left-footed?

To find out, just kick a soccer ball. Whichever foot you use is your strong foot. If you use your left foot for that, then your jumping discrepancy is due to weaker coordination in your right foot, no an imbalance (this could be true and maybe something you just never noticed before you injury).

Also, it could just be that the jumping discrepancy is due to a motor skill issue, that is, you’re just “better” at jumping off your left right now than your right foot (I have ALWAYS been this way). To fix that, you’d just go to the gym and practice jumping off your right foot a few days a week and that imbalance will have cleared up within a few weeks.

And the most likely of reasons, there probably is some sort of imbalance there. I would do a lot of single-leg training in the gym (bulgarian split-squats, lunges, step-ups and all their variations), a lot of LOW-INTENSITY single-leg quickness training and then a lot of basic rehab exercises too.

Things like Eccentric Calf Raises (5 seconds down, 1 second up), Terminal Knee Extensions, Ankle Mobility Drills With Banda and Hip Mobility Drills.

You can Google a lot of those, just pick a bunch of ’em and do them as often as you can (NOT everyday, though). If you don’t know exactly what they are, let me know and I’ll get you set up here.

That was the ONLY question we received this week (with more than 210 members right now). If you really have NO training questions or problems your dealing with right now, GREAT. Good for you…

…but I doubt that. Even I still have workout questions and problems.

So ask me, that’s what I’m here for. And here’s where you do it:

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