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Q & A 12/8: The RIGHT Way To Measure Your Vertical Jump..

By Alex On December 8, 2010 Under Q & A With Alex

What up, what up — let’s check out this week’s Mailbag:


I have one very important question. How can I measure my vertical leap??

Looking forward to your answer,

Metod, Slovenia

>>>MY COMMENTS: Good question man, and definitely a topic a lot of people have a tendency to screw up.

In fact, when we held that Flying in Four Transformation Contest a few months ago, we had a bunch of people send in their new vertical jump numbers, which sounded great, and then we’d check out their video of them measuring it and it was abysmal — just completely and entirely wrong.

We even had one kid send us in his entry, claiming he had gained 9″ in 4 weeks using Flying in Four. Of course…we’d love that if it were true, but no one gains 9 inches in 4 weeks.

And when he sent us in his video, the dude was pulling every trick in the book — not reaching as high as he could for his standing reach measurement, pulling in his scapula for it and not jumping nearly as high as he could in the pre-testing.

So as you can see, on purpose or not, this is something that lots of people mess up. And because of that, I actually already made an entire webpage that shows you step-by-step how to do this (am I on my game or what?). So go check it out here Metod:

How To Measure Your Vertical Jump

And that was it — all the questions from this past week. Weak. Grr.

If you have ANY questions at all, really about anything, this is your opportunity to have it answered, inside the Inner Circle here.

Ask Your Questions Here <---- Click this link! Holler, Alex

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