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The March Workout Of The Month: The Body Comp Blitz!

By Alex On March 8, 2011 Under The Inner Circle Workout of the Month

I’ll be honest — I’m pretty pumped about this.

For this month’s Workout of the Month, I decided to get one my good friends involved, John Romaniello.

John also happens to be a serious workout BEAST when it comes to burning body-fat, getting in killer shape and making guys super freaking ripped.

So with that in mind — I got him to give you guys one of his normally “pay-only” workout programs, just because you’re here in the Inner Circle with me.

It’s called “The Body Comp Blitz” and it’s a 6-week workout program designed to do exactly what it says, which is blitz your body’s entire system to accomplish one major goal: Revamp your entire body composition.

So say thanks to John and enjoy the “Body Comp Blitz” here:

The Body Comp Blitz Download <---- Right-Click Here For Download! -Alex P.S. John is releasing a brand-new program right now you might like. Here's the link: Final Phase Fat Loss 2.0

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