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Speed Secrets Interview of the Month: Building Muscle, Burning Fat and How Fungus Might Be Slowing You Down..?

By Alex On March 23, 2011 Under The Inner Circle Interrogation of the Month

The next Speed Secrets Inner Circle Interview of the Month!

This month’s call was with one really impressive Strength Coach from Tampa Bay, Florida: Elliott Hulse.

Elliott is a former college football player, former professional strong man and a CHEK Certified Practitioner (which means he knows all kinds of weird secrets to making yourself faster, stronger and healthier).

Enjoy the call, we covered solutions to ALL sorts of issues you may be dealing with:

Download This Month’s Interview With Elliott Hulse By Right-Clicking Here And Selecting Save-As

By the way, funny story about Elliott:

We were both in Los Angeles last weekend speaking at a Fitness Conference in front of 400 trainers from all over the world and for the event, they were awarding the person who got voted Best Speaker at the end, so of course, me and Elliott were talking trash all weekend about who was going to win the award.

So, we both spoke and kicked ass and when they went to announce the winner, we both heard the name… “Frank Kern” (a marketing expert).


But (and don’t tell Elliott this), we did find out I came in 2nd and he came in 3rd, soooo… yeah, WHAT UP ELLIOTT!?!


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