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Interrogation Of The Month: The Best Diet In The World?

By Alex On January 19, 2011 Under The Inner Circle Interrogation of the Month

This month’s interview is with Certified/Genius Nutritionist Sean Croxton.

You may know Sean from his online TV show, which regularly gets up to 41,000 subscribers worldwide over at http://youtube.com/UndergroundWellness.

And I’m not telling you HAVE to change your diet exactly to what he says in the interview, but I can tell you that since I made a lot of thee changes myself a few months ago, I feel f–king awesome. All the time.

Pun intended, but food for though..

Check out the interview right here by right-clicking the link below and selecting “Save As” or “Add To ITunes”.

Interview With Sean Croxton

Holler back young’n.


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