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Inner Circle Interrogation of the Month: NYC’s Top Sports Nutritionist

By Alex On April 19, 2011 Under The Inner Circle Interrogation of the Month

Well, I just delivered 🙂

This month’s Inner Circle interview was with NYC’s top Sports Nutritionist Antonio Valladares, and he just CRUSHED it..

The theme of the call was “7 Days To A Leaner, Happier, Healthier For You”, and I can confidently say that.. If you follow and just try what Antonio recommends for the next 7 days, you will be leaner.. happier.. and of course, healthier. Think of it like a 7-Day trial period..

..and if it doesn’t work, then no big deal, you haven’t lost anything.

But I think you’ll find it pretty damn interesting..

Here’s the call:

Alex Maroko Call With Antonio Valladares

(right-click and select “Save-As’ to save to your ITunes)

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