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Improving Your 40 Yard Dash In 10 Seconds…

By Alex On October 1, 2009 Under Speed Training Workouts

I am CRAZY busy right now getting something BIG ready so I’m going to make this short and uber-sweet for you right now…

Here’s a simple tip to improve your 40-Yard Dash within a few seconds.

It takes advantage of a phenomenom known as potentiation. All that simply means is that “you do one specific thing for the sole purpose of making a second thing better”. The first thing “potentiates” the second.

So to use this to you advantage for your 40-Yard Dash, you’d want to potentiate the the Dash beforehand.

How do you do it?

Easy, lots of ways to do it. Here a couple things you can do:

-If you have a weighted sled, strap it around your waist and do 10-20 Yard Sprints for a few reps with a reistance that is around 10% of your bodyweight. So if you weigh 180 lbs., you’d want to use around 20 lbs. of resistance for maybe 2-4 reps of 10-20 yard sprints, then rest 3-5 minutes, then go test out your now-faster and improved 40-Yard Dash.

If you don’t have a sled or anything expensive like that…

No worries. Try this:

-Find a short hill you can sprint up. It shouldn’t be a giant hill, a smaller one is probably better and sprint up that a few times. Then, rest for 3-5 minutes, and after that, go test out your 40 Yard Dash on flat land…faster and more explosive.

The hill works because it helps potentiate the activation of some very high-threshhold motor untis that might not always get activated, and when you bring in some powerhouse muscle fibers like that into the equation, the result is bound to be MORE powerful.

Now before you go, let me know about any unique things you’ve found that make you run faster (or at least feel faster). For better or worse, I always found I ran a little bit faster after eating a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich…what about you?

Let me know in the Comments section now.


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October 1, 2009

Hey Mate,

For Square Jumps it says to do 3 x 30 so is that 30 laps each way, 15 laps each way, 30 contacts per direction or 30 contacts per set???


Keith Fine

October 1, 2009

Great technique.I read somewhere Ben Johnson’s trainer used to have him do sets of squats before his races . Very similar to performing explosive movements before strength movements to help with recruitment.


October 1, 2009

Alex, I used to agree that using only 10% of your is the way to go for 10yd. bursts. I did them with my athletes for reps of 5 and then had them rest about 5 min. and then timed their unresisted sprints for reps of 3-5. The results definetly were very good.

However, after listening to some great strength coaches and the research they had done, I am convinced that you need to load the sled up anywhere from 50-85% (depending on age,strength and experience of athlete)sometimes 90% for 10yd. sprints. This is because, as you had rightly mentioned in your last post, in the first 10yds, max. strength is being utilized the most.
And if you are not strong to create enough force particularly in the posterior chain muscles, then, as you know your ability to run fast is limited.

For 20’s and 30’s, again, as you had mentioned in your post, elasticity is now being more utilzed by the athlete. In this instance, the load should be dropped because now your focus is to build more power. So, now working at ranges of 10-30% will help. Also, I find that sprinting at these distances, the athlete should now switch to a shoulder harness or even a weighted vest.The core should be stronger now as well the glutes, hammies and ankle musculature from the waist belt heavy loads. So, as a result, the harness and/or weighted vest with the lighter load should help with lower and upper extremity power and speed development because of the strength development.

Annette Rosin

October 1, 2009

Thank you Alex. I will try this with my class mates this weekend!

Mohammed Akif

October 1, 2009

I like having bananas before practice/weights. Before a sprint, I’d probably static stretch my hip-flexors and do some CNS fireup drills like lateral line hops/pogo jumps. (to everybody out there, I got these from Truth About Quickness so check out the “Movie&Popcorn” deal)


October 2, 2009

stair running, go up 1 down 1, up 2 down 1 and up 3 down 1 builds foot speed and endurance, i feel a really good fitness builder as well specially for basketball.


October 2, 2009

I’ve read about top level rugby players doing lifts (unfortunately I can’t remember the exact ones) to crank up their CNS before games. I do some light/medium hang cleans followed by some short sprints to fire me up before a game. Seems to work 😉

Donald Moore

October 5, 2009

Alex I have tried several times to sign up for the Diamond training course. When I submit the application nothing happens. How do I get in touch?


October 5, 2009


Send me an email at GameSpeedInsider@Gmail.com with a few sentences about yourself and your goals..hurry though, we received 3 new applications since Saturday and have one open spot right now.

Looking forward to hearing all about your goals and dreams!



October 21, 2009

Hello from Russia!
Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?


November 18, 2009

Hey great blog Alex. What template is this? Love it. Ps, I sent and email to you at alex@gamespeedinsider.com and it bounced back….


May 28, 2010

Love Sled Work, Excellent Idea