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How Athletes Get Rid Of Stubborn Fat

By Alex On September 10, 2010 Under Sports Training

Ever heard of Lendale White?

He’s a running back in the NFL and he’s had one major problem his entire career: He’s fat.

Or let me re-phrase that: He’s sometimes fat (often enough for a Google search of “Lendale White fat” to return 23,000 hits).

He was drafted from USC in the 2nd round by the Tennesse Titans and proceeded to do close to nothing his first few years, mainly because of his weight issues.

Then, REALIZING “hey, maybe I shouldn’t be fat”, he lost 30 lbs. one off-season and rushed for 15 TD’s that season. Which is cool. And good. But mainly cool.

So, let’s recap it here:

Fat Lendale White – Doesn’t Play

Non-Fat Lendale White – Drops it like it’s hot

Now, the fact that not being fat as an athlete is important should be of no news to you, but WHY is it that losing a little around the edges makes us better athletes?

There are a few different reasons, but we should really be focusing on two:

1. When you have lower body-fat, you’re faster, quicker and more explosive. Having to carry around extra weight will only slow you down.

2. When you have lower body-fat, it’s less stress on your joints, tendons and ligaments (actually, your entire body), so you’re better able to avoid injuries AND you recover faster.

So, we can all agree that as an athlete, having LOW body-fat is BIG for your success as an athlete.

BUT.. there are still tons of athletes out there carrying an extra 5 or 10 lbs. around their waistline.. who are 5 or 10 lbs. away from a six-pack.. who have just a little bit of stubborn fat in the “problem areas”..

And it’s slowing them down and putting them at RISK for serious injury.. it’s a real possibility that you might fit into this category too, carrying something around I call “Anchor Fat”.

“Anchor Fat” is that little amount of extra fat that a lot of athletes carry around that SLOWS them down (like an anchor on a ship).

What’s even worse about is that “Anchor Fat” is the type of fat that doesn’t just go away eventually — you HAVE to do something specific to get rid of it or it might just plague you forever.

Fortunately, there are two quick ways to get rid of “Anchor Fat”.

One is to use a specific type of dieting, the best of which I’ve found is called TKD, or “Targeted Keto Dieting”.

But to be honest, I don’t really like dieting at all — I’d rather lay out in board shorts in the Siberian winter, while listening to Ke$ha (not her album, but actually having to listen to her talk.. THAT’S how much I loathe dieting).

Now, the OTHER quick way to get rid of Anchor Fat is really fun, challenging and very strategic — it ALSO involves no change in diet, which is obviously good news for me and you.

Now, I don’t consider myself to be an expert in quick fat-loss, but there are 4 or 5 experts I know who are masters at getting rid of this second kind of “Anchor Fat”.

And out of those 4 or 5 experts, there’s just ONE who’s the absolute master of it FOR ATHLETES.

And I think I can get him on Game Speed Insider here to help us out with this, but before I do, I want to hear from you.

Answer me this question below in the Comments Section:

What do you think is the BEST way for an ATHLETE to lose their “Anchor Fat”?

Once we get 50 comments, I’ll get that Anchor Fat-Destroying Grand Master over here for you to give us some killer (and free) solutions.

Talk to you in the Comments Section!


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87 comments - add yours

September 10, 2010

focus on abs, do side ab work to work your obliques


September 10, 2010

Lose fat? Why don’t we call it keep fit?
Keep Fit:
1. 6-8 meals <—cut 3 meals into 6-8 meals
2. eat more veggies.
3. no desserts like cakes/ ice-cream
4. do sprints
5. weight lifting
6. sleep before 11pm
7. Eat good oil : Virgin Coconut oil. (no corn oil / vegetables oil)


September 10, 2010

RUN RUN RUN RUN… oh and did i mention RUN! and cut down on your calorie in-take


September 10, 2010

run , run and run .. oh yeah and drink water like a mad man


September 10, 2010

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and strength training. HIIT is more time efficient and more effectively burns fat. It also cranks up your metabolism if you do it right. Strength training is also very important for fat loss because you burn more calories when you pack on more muscle. Every additional pound of muscle burns 50-70 calories per day! Hope this helps!! = )


September 10, 2010

use hiit(high intensity interval training) and carbs cycling….


September 10, 2010

1. Double your fruit intake
2. Double your water intake
3. Only take in about .75 grams of protein per pound of body weight.


September 10, 2010

go 100% off and on like sprinting or jumping go hard as u can in 1 minute intervals 1 on and 1 off do that for a half hour to an hour its also a good way to improve peak performance no half ass stuff


September 11, 2010

Damn it. If I knew, I wouldn’t have 10 pounds for love handles.

I do find the suggestion of “focusing on abs” funny. People still think you can target fat loss in that area by doing abdominal exercises. haha


September 11, 2010

Kettlebell training


September 11, 2010

Activate the brown fat in our bodies to burn the white fat,for example,taking cold showers


September 11, 2010

Combine HIIT with your resistance training. So at the same time doing power lifts, gymnastic bodyweight, and kettle bells before and after a sprint, prowler runs or burpees. Works every time.


September 11, 2010

I agree with Josh targeting the area is a joke, watch what you eat, reduce caloric intake, and excercise, doesn’t really matter what excercises just do something.


September 11, 2010

Everyone has abs. It’s the body fat % over the whole body that keeps them from showing. Drinking over a gallon a day of water helps the cells and eating a 300 calorie or less snack every 3 hrs keeps the metabolism in the inferno state.

Alex B.

September 11, 2010

I have no clue on how to lose that “anchor fat” other than a crazy dieting plan. I have a problem lossing that extra fat a little above my waistline. It is like what every excercise i do it just works around that fat. Just losing the little extra fat there would help soo much and get rid of these love handles.



September 11, 2010

Eating before 8 definately and s good core workout like yoga. Has really done wonders for me at 31. I’ve never really had abs even through all of the track and basketball until now.


September 11, 2010

Didn’t it say 35 comments yesterday now 50? Can we know now please?


September 11, 2010

train legs. as in high intensity weight training. eg. squats. deadlifts. which actually trains the whole body. the more muscle you have, the faster you burn fat.
also drink a lot of water.


September 11, 2010

Strength training, HIIT, nutrition. At least that’s how I do it


September 11, 2010

It is High Intensity Interval Training. A complete program would incorporate it and weight lifting, with obviously diet taken into account as well. And on resistance training days, rather than rest 90 seconds between sets, get up and run a lap around the basketball court then come back to your lift.


September 11, 2010

Buy!! Burn the Fat feed the muscle!!! (lol)

Alex Wong

September 11, 2010

balance your hormones: eating right, sleeping right, recovering properly and not over traning

and being physically active: playing basketball, HIIT, weights, and plymetrics


September 11, 2010

Eat as natural a diet as possible, do weights 3-4 times a week, and anytime you have after that then do an intense sport that you enjoy (mine is basketball).


September 12, 2010

Tempo Runs at 65-75% intensity over 100-200m with 30-45 second rest between each repetition and 6-8 repetitions per set. Do 2 sets for a total of 1000-2000 metres. Walk 100-200m between each set.


September 12, 2010

Lower unnecessary carbs like all sugars, white rice, white bread. Up your carbs from vegetables, up your fats (good fats like omega-3-6) and up your protein while still being around maintainance kcal level.
Next to that do full body circuit training combined with low rep heavy weightlifting to keep up your strengthlevels and preserve musclemass.


September 12, 2010

I don’t know ho atheletes should loose weight but I would like 2 know. I know diet and exercise would be a part of it.


September 12, 2010

i would say A. build more muscle in that area, because more muscle will help burn it if im not mistaken. B. run long sprints at full speed. when i say long, i mean 100-400m. then u can still work on speed. (2 birds) and if it still isnt workin, then C. they just have 2 bite the bullet and add meals or snacks to their diet regime so they can speed that metabolism up.

Bjarni Geir

September 12, 2010

WATER! WATER! WATER! stay 110% hydrated when training, will increase fat burning, and will also give you the extra engery to go as far as you want (and further). try to do intense ab workouts and over-all workouts. cardio (I guess). is good for to. but mostly of all, do what YOU want and feel like doing.


September 12, 2010

My family tried out this blood type diet, which is more healthy eating life style than diet. Anyway, it’s like a twist of vegetarian but you can still eat some meats. The first thing that happens after doing it is that you lose every ounce of fat on your body. Literally, all I was was skin and bone (and a little bit of muscle).

Also I found this guy, whose name is Storm, whose been doing the diet for ages (he’s in his sixties now). And he’s still super ripped and has no wrinkles. It’s like the anti-aging secret that actually works.


September 12, 2010

to burn more calories than you eat


September 13, 2010

I am going to say the best way to lose the anchor weight is to eat healthy keep your body in shape and it will eventually go away


September 13, 2010

weight training cause muscle burns more calories than fat. Also fat is burned usually evenly throughout the body regardless of what part of the body you weight train and fat does not convert into muscle. muscle and fat are two different substances. Muscles burn more calories than fat and if the caloric intake is used up the fat deposits are used as fuel after and you lose overall fat %


September 14, 2010

weight training at high intensity low reps heavy weights with maybe a mix of supersets.
Interval training-sprints,plometrics


September 16, 2010

do sprints rest and repeat. your body will continue to burn fat long after u stop sprinting.


September 23, 2010



October 7, 2010

I.M.H.O the H.I.I.T. beats alot of other techniques, but i Recommend Tabata aswell =]


October 9, 2010

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