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Comment Policy

I Want You to Comment!

I know, crazy, right? But it’s true, I WANT YOU TO COMMENT.

The comments section is how I interact with you as my reader, get feedback about posts I’m making, find out what you want to hear about, and it is exactly how you become a part of the Game Speed Insider community.

Plus, I don’t post or give away any awesome stuff without some motivation. And it’s YOUR comments that keep me motivated. So, say something!

It could be anything from “Cool.” to “So, how can I use this for my training for <insert sport>?” to “This stinks. I’m going over to TMZ.com” (OK, please don’t say that, my confidence is fragile and losing out to TMZ would just destroy me, LOL).

Just be sure to say something!

We also randomly select one commenter per month to receive a special package from Game Speed Insider. So, if you’re not commenting, you’re not eligible!

A couple of things to note before you comment:

1. Please stay on topic. Comments are for discussion related to the post you are commenting on, not for other unrelated questions. For that type of stuff, you can shoot me a note using the Contact Policy .

2. Don’t curse, flame or say “mean things” about others. We’re all cool people here, so let’s keep the Comment Section the same way.

4. If you’d like to be notified of follow up comments via email, be sure to check the box under the submit button. This is important as you’ll probably want to know if someone replies to what you wrote.

5. We have the best Social Sharing tool in the world…YOUR comments. By commenting, you help others and bring more people to this site to continue to make it even better. So, again, Say SOMETHING!

To be frank, I need and want your help sharing this site! Together, we can help so many people!

So, that my speedy friend, is the Game Speed Insider Comment Policy.

Simple, right? Just COMMENT… NOW!