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The Dumbbell Disorder: The 28-Day Challenge To Getting Ripped Fast

By Alex On November 7, 2010 Under The Inner Circle Workout of the Month

The HARSH Truth: Your Current Training Regimen Is Likely Keeping You From The Ripped Physique You Want! Now Here’s Exactly What To Do About It..


A rare, “getting-ripped” report from Alex Maroko, CPT, Best-Selling Coach and Author

This article is only for a select few.

If you can answer “Yes,” to any of these questions, then read what follows after very closely.

Question 1: Do you carry around a little more “pudgy” body-fat than you’d like to?

Question 2: Do you find yourself working out hard, yet your muscles or abs never look or feel defined like you’d like them to?

Question 3: Are you worried that, if not taken care of, this sluggishness, extra body-fat and even that little roll hanging over your waistline will stick with you forever?

If so, listen up: Wouldn’t you rather look like this?




As you can see, that’s soccer star Cristian Ronaldo and NFL star Larry Fitzgerald above. What things do they have in common?

They both have the look and the ability – they’re ripped AND they’re fast.

They have what I very creatively call the “Ripped-Fast” look.

What’s the Ripped-Fast look?


The Ripped-Fast look is when you not only look the part, but you play it too. You’re not just good at your sport, but you LOOK like it too.

So whether you’re wearing your workout clothes or just wearing a normal t-shirt walking around during the day, people can tell you are a hard-training athlete and you have the cut-up, ripped body to prove it.

Now getting that Ripped-Fast look comes down to two things:


1. The right training

2. The right diet

The diet part in general isn’t that hard to follow.

If you really think you’re ready for a Ripped-Fast body, you’ll want to follow these eating guidelines below:

• Eat until you’re around 80% full, 80% of the time (you can eat more when the other 20% of the time if you want to)

• Only eat carbohydrates in the morning and after your workouts

• Get your bodyweight in carbohydrates within 4 hours of your workouts (so if you weigh 200 lbs., you’d eat 200g of carbs within 4 hours of finishing your workout)

• Don’t eat foods that are high in fats and carbs in the same meal (make your meals either Protein-rich foods and carb-rich foods, or protein-rich foods and fat-rich foods)

• Get the majority of your fats from good sources (my favorites are almonds, sunflower seeds, pistachios, beef, extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil)

• Eat protein with every meal

• Don’t eat crap

• Get 80% of your calories from non-crap foods (as in “clean” foods…you know what those are)

And it’s that simple – not necessarily easy to do, but you now have your very own Ripped-Fast diet handbook.

As for training, it’s not quite as straightforward.

Here’s the issue: If you’ve been doing the normal, traditional workouts they tell “athletes” to do (“they” being TV, magazines and some websites), you’ve been moving yourself AWAY from the ripped-fast look.

When they tell you to do nothing but squats, deadlifts and presses and hey, maybe even drink a gallon of milk a day while you’re at it too, they’re simply giving you a 1-way ticket to the land of the bulky and bloated.

Sure, it might make you stronger, but you won’t look the part and you definitely won’t “feel” the part


Which Is Fine If You’re Happy With Being Fast And Stuck On The Pudgy Side Forever!
But if you want both, to be FAST and RIPPED, then you need a workout program that’s going to serve both purposes for you. It’s going to need the 3 following things in it:

1. Athletic-based training that will increase your speed, explosiveness and quickness

2. A mix of compound movements and isolation movements that’ll build strength AND lean definition

3. Just ONE form of resistance being used for ALL of the workouts

It’s one form of resistance because if you’re always changing up your forms of resistance (barbells, cables, dumbbells, kettlebells, machines, etc.), then your body is always just getting accustomed to the new form of resistance and not nearly getting the workout or burn it could be getting if it was already accustomed to the form of resistance you’re using.

So you stick with ONE form of resistance throughout the workout program and BAM!, you begin actively moving towards your Ripped-Fast body.

And the most effective, versatile form of resistance is dumbbells. Period.

If you want the Ripped-Fast look, you’re using dumbbells and nothing else.

And to make it even more effective, to quickly develop Ripped-Fast capabilities, you need to wave-load and periodize your Dumbbell Workouts using something I call the “Dumbbell Disorder”.

Introducing The Dumbbell Disorder: The 28-Day Challenge To Getting Ripped-Fast



Utilizing every trick, tactic and strategy I know about getting you “Ripped-Fast”, The Dumbbell Disorder System will lay out the EXACT gameplan for you to slash the pudginess right off your stomach, add defined muscles in all the right places AND simultaneously increase your speed, quickness and explosiveness.

“The Dumbbell Disorder: The 28-Day Challenge To Getting Ripped-Fast” is a breakthrough for athletes worldwide who not only want to be more explosive athletes, but also look the part too, The Dumbbell Disorder will give you BOTH: Show and Go.

Most of the workout programs prescribed to athletes today might make them a little bit stronger and maybe even a little bit faster, but none of thosr workouts will make you BOTH ripped and fast, giving you the highly-coveted Ripped-Fast Physique.

Featuring 28 comprehensive days of easy-to-follow, Dumbbell-ONLY workouts that are designed specifically for the athlete that wants both speed and a 6-pack, “Dumbbell Disorder: The 28-Day Challenge To Getting Ripped-Fast” also comes equipped with a full, Exercise Video Library (that I’ll have done by this week — I just wanted to get you the workout as soon as it was done).

Plus, Inside “Dumbbell Disorder: The 28-Day Challenge To Getting Ripped-Fast, you’ll discover:


*A brutal 28-Day “Dumbbell-ONLY” workout program professionally designed to chisel your abs, increase your speed and get you ripped from head to toe!

*A never-before revealed muscle-building trick that will bring up ANY lagging body-part and make it POP for you (it’s so obvious too, you’ll be wondering, “Why haven’t I been doing this all along!”)

*An ENTIRE Video Exercise Library of EVERY exercise used in “The Dumbbell Disorder” (so you can go through every workout quickly and efficiently with NO confusion about how to do the exercises right!)

Enjoy The Dumbbell Disorder here:


The choice is yours: You can continue training the way “they” teach and look something like this:


Or you can try a new way, a PROVEN way that will deliver the best of both worlds to you: Ripped and FAST, so you can look something like this:


You CAN have that, and you can do this… and I’m gonna show you exactly how inside The Dumbbell Disorder today!


This is the kind of deal a serious player would jump on immediately.

Best of luck,

Coach Alex

P.S. The workout programs you’ve been using have been making you stronger and maybe a little faster, but they’ve also been contributing to the extra layer of fat covering your abdominals and the bulkiness of your hips and thighs. This is preventing you from the “Ripped-Fast” look every athlete should be sporting.

“The Dumbbell Disorder” The 28-Day Challenge To Getting Ripped-Fast” has been designed to not only make you faster, quicker and stronger, but using a few secret principles I’ve come across lately, it’ll also give you the look of a ripped, chiseled athlete – the “Ripped-Fast” look.

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