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December Workout of the Month: The Chin-Up Challenge

By Alex On December 2, 2010 Under The Inner Circle Workout of the Month

Ever heard of the athletic checklist? No?

Here it is:

• Insane Quickness

• Dominating Speed

• Sky-High Vertical Jump

• Ripped Muscles

• Healthy Flexibility

• All-Day Endurance

• Overflowing Confidence

I’m going to assume for a second that if you had all of those things, you’d be pretty happy, right?

Of course you would — we all would be. But it’s obviously never that easy..

It takes years for most athletes to build up, ripped sculpted muscles and explosive capabilities that strike unimaginable amounts of fear in their opponent’s subconscious..

..and it can take even longer to develop that attitude that just oozes confidence and swagger.

A Shortcut To Athletic Dominance?


But what if there was a shortcut…a way around all of that work…that’d be pretty interesting, right?

Well, I’ve searched and scoured the land, long and far, for many, many years and I can safely tell you there is no real short cut…

…although there are roads that are shorter than others.

The Magical Powers Of The Chin-Up

And my favorite “fast-track” roads that almost no one knows about is the chin-up. Sure, sure, you’ve heard of the chin-up, but I bet you didn’t know all about its legendary magical powers, did ya?

Not to worry – I didn’t know about it either until a few years ago, when I was reading an interview from one of the top training coaches in the world, Martin Rooney.

With my feet kicked up on my desk and article in hand, Rooney was talking to the interviewer about speed, vertical jump and strength and it’s strange correlation to the number of chin-ups an athlete could do.

He had discovered that athletes who could do MORE chin-ups almost always had a bigger vertical jump, more speed and better 6-packs.

Intrigued, I did a little more digging and started comparing the chin-up numbers of every athlete I knew with their speed, quickness and strength numbers and it turned out…

…he was right.

More Chin-Ups = More Speed, Strength, Vertical Jump And Ripped Muscle

So that’s it? Is that the magical short cut we all lust to discover and would even pay top dollar for?

Maybe..maybe not.. But there is something we need to pay close attention to…

Here’s what it is:

Athletes who can do lots of chin-ups have great Relative Body Strength, strong midsections and lots of mental toughness. They also seem to be faster, stronger and quicker for the most part.

So it clearly does stand to reason to think that if you could increase your relative body strength, midsection strength and mental toughness through chin-ups, you’d be faster, stronger and quicker too.

And going back to the Athletic Checklist, how ridiculous would it be to get much better at all of these things just by increasing the amount of chin-ups you can do?

• Insane Quickness

• Dominating Speed

• Sky-High Vertical Jump

• Ripped Muscles

• Healthy Flexibility

• All-Day Endurance

• Overflowing Confidence

And how INSANE would it be to drastically increase that number in just 28 days?

I thought it’d be insane too – that’s why I put together

The Chin-Up Challenge

Featuring the strategic of use several different, under-the-radar strategies, The Chin-Up Challenge is a 28-Day workout program that will severely increase the amount of chin-ups you can do and in turn, likely let you freely cross off a bunch of those things on the Athletic Checklist.

And not to worry, the chin-up challenge isn’t just “chin-ups” – nah, not even close.

In addition to all of the chin-up boosting training, you’ll also find a whole slew of other techniques from my “instant results” vault. Some of these include:

• A special tactic that virtually guarantees anyone who uses it WILL get stronger rapidly, without ever putting themselves at the risk of “burnout” or “overtraining” (which is one place no athlete ever wants to be..)

• A sneaky little trick that turns a normally “very good” exercise into arguably the most powerful exercise any athlete can have at their disposal (if you’re not using this one little trick, you’re undoubtedly missing out on results that belong to you)

• A 28-day specially periodized “dominating quickness program” that’ll easily turn you into a high-steppin’, fleet-footed rock star (this part of the program’s also been designed to fit in perfectly with all the rest of your training so everything works together, not against each other)

And as an exclusive member of the Speed Secrets Inner Circle, you get The Chin-Up Challenge completely FREE today:

The Chin-Up Challenge

And here’s the link to the Chin Up Challenge Exercise Video Library:

Chin-Up Challenge Video Library

What an opportunity!

I can’t wait for you to tear up the Athletic Checklist and as always, I’ll be here to help you every step of the way.

Wishing you all the best.

Your Coach in Speed and Quickness,


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