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Crazy Experiment Proves One Tiny Change To Your Workouts Can Lead To Massive Results!

By Alex On December 9, 2010 Under Sports Training

“Alex, your name’s been called…it’s time.”

I’m seated on a dark bench. My shoulders are pulled back, but my heads down. I didn’t hear him at first, I was thinking.

I’m always thinking.

I slowly raise my left hand to let him know I heard him. I hear his footsteps quickly scurry out.

I take a deep breath, the kind that cools your nostrils and makes you feel like one of those shaman-types for a fleeting second. I hated those shaman-types, with their good breaths and calm faces.

It’s time to do battle. The crowds, waiting for me. My people, waiting for me. My fate, waiting for me. I make sure my boots are strapped tightly enough for the 9th time, take one last breath and make my way towards the weapons wall.

We’re allowed to pick one weapon for the battle, each of us, and I’m always picking different ones — I can’t find the right one. There’s Weapon 1, Weapon 2, Weapon 3, Weapon 4 and Weapon 5.

Kim always liked #2, but Isabel always said #1 was one for a reason and what had Grace told me? I don’t know, who knows, she never shuts up anyways, maybe if I could learn to pick just one woman, I could learn to pick one weapon, the right weapon, the one that would help me more than anything else..

Flashback To Current Day

That’s how I used to feel when it came to my workouts, when I was first really getting into training.

Not that I used weapons for anything, I just chose that story because it reminded me of Gladiator, but choosing

The BEST Form Of Resistance For My Workouts!

Would barbell training be best for me?

Or dumbbells?

Maybe bodyweight training?

Or how ’bout kettlebells? Those look cool.

Perhaps just a ton of plyometrics is all I really need…

No..some combination of all of them would be best. But how much of each one is best? Ah!

All I knew was that I wanted results, I wanted them fast and I didn’t want to be wasting my time with some “weapon” that wasn’t going to win it for me.

And pretty soon, I figured it out and realized that

There Was No Best Form of Resistance.

The answer was that it was a combination of ALL of them that seemed to work best for athletes.

And this is pretty common knowledge today. One of my good friends even added 41 lbs. of muscle in a little less than 6 months using this formula and made a great video about it (I’ll give you the video here at the end of this post).

But as with anything in life, things always come full circle (note the foreshadowing) and not too long ago, I was trying to challenge this school of thought and prove that one form of resistance really was better than the rest.

So here’s what I did: I picked my FAVORITE form of resistance and I wrote myself a program using ONLY that resistance. And you know what I found?

Using This Form Of Resistance For Short, Focused Periods Of Time Can Lead To Massive Results!

But slow down there for a second tiger, I’ll be really excited to tell you all about it in a couple days after I hear from YOU!

I want you to answer this short question in the Comments Section below:

“What form of resistance do you think is my favorite/was used for this experiment AND what’s YOUR current favorite?”

Once we get 50 responses, I’ll come back and tell you ALL about it (and you’re gonna want to hear this, I felt like I got roughly 60-90 days of results in just 28 DAYS with this setup).

Talk to you in the comments section!

Your Coach in Speed and Quickness


P.S. Here’s the video about how my good friend add 41 lbs. of muscle in 6 months. Click the video to play it:


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52 comments - add yours

December 12, 2010

Isometrics like bulgarian split squats, iso barbell hip thrust, etc.

that also my favorite

Trevor Rackley

December 13, 2010

I believe your favourite will be body weight exercises..