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I love receiving feedback from my readers, so here’s how you can holler at me.

The email for Game Speed Insider is gamespeedinsider@gmail.com.

I read EVERY single email, myself. Although I do have an assistant (or two) for some stuff, interacting and helping YOU is my priority.

That being said, it’s just not feasible for me to respond to every email. I only have 24 hours in a day and when you get the type of “Inbox Action” I get, it’s tough. I promise to do my best for YOU, though.

I also have a private, priority email for all of my Platinum Athletic Coaching Clients, so that ALWAYS gets my attention first (Discover more about the Platinum Athletic Coaching Program NOW).

However, if you have a really awesome question and want it answered on the website, we do take the really good ones from time to time.

So, if you think you have a killer question, make sure when you send an email to me, you put in the Subject Line: Blog Question For Alex

I’ll find it, check it out and see what I can do for ya!

Another great way to keep in touch is through Twitter. In fact, that’s probably an even a better way to interact with me and shoot me a quick message.

And if you’re not using Twitter, get with the program already and follow me here!

Lastly, a great way to reach me is through the Comments section in the blog. I take the time to personally read every comment, and am very active talking and chatting with every Game Speed VIP Member.

So, since you already know the “Comment Policy” and will already be posting there, you can expect some answers from there too.

See ya around the site!