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Complete Speed Training

By Alex On December 26, 2009 Under Speed Training Workouts

I hope your Christmas/holiday season was great.

All week, it’s been great to hang out and clown around with a lot of the people you don’t get to see that often. I saw Sherlock Holmes yesterday with the whole family and it was pretty darn good.

Robert Downey Jr. is my FAVORITE actor (Iron-Man was so dope) and he did a killer job portraying Sherlock Holmes, while holding down a wicked British accent throughout the movie. The rest of the film was good, not great, but if you like action or mystery type movies, you’re definitely going to enjoy this one!

Now, a  surprising question (well, it used to kinda surprise me…I guess I’m just used to it now) I get a lot regarding getting quicker, faster and more athletic goes something like this:

“What can you tell me about this program, Complete Speed Training? How is it different from The Truth About Quickness? Which one is better?”

In case you didn’t know, Complete Speed Training is a speed training program from coaches Pat Beith and Latif Thomas. It’s been out for several years and has been sold in 70+ countries during that time (Truth About Quickness has not yet been out for 6 months and has already been sold in 30+ countries, so we are on an absolute tear right now…anyways, I digress).

Now, let’s quickly talk about the differences between The Truth About Quickness Insider’s System and Complete Speed Training.

The Truth About Quickness is geared specifically to improve the quickness and agility for speed and power athletes (basketball, football, soccer, baseball, etc.). The training in there is going to make you quicker and faster for your sport and in your games (hence, GAME-SPEED).

Complete Speed Training isn’t entirely exclusive for, but more geared towards track and field athletes (or athletes training for anything involving an all-out, straight ahead sprint — like a 40-Yard dash). Your agility and quickness will probably improve to an extent, but you’re going to learn a ton about sprinting faster for a 100m dash or a 40-Yard dash, for example.

That is the biggest difference:

TAQ is going to improve your quickness and agility, Complete Speed Training is going to improve your straight-ahead speed.

I know it kinda sounds like I’m recommending another product here against my own, but it’s not about out-selling anyone or anything like that — I just want you to have a clear understanding and awareness of everything that’s out there.

I understand that out of the 10,000+ people subscribing to Game-Speed Insider, The Truth About Quickness can’t be the right fit for all of them, so it helps to know what else out there is genuinely good.

And for speed training, outside of Truth About Quickness, the Complete Speed Training system is a really good (albeit a little expensive) alternative and I’d give it serious consideration if Truth About Quickness doesn’t really fit your needs right now:

Complete Speed Training

And I think I’ll end today’s newsletter with a really interesting quote (that had my brain on hyper-drive for hours, not sure if I’m quoting it perfectly here though) I heard the other day that should offer you some serious perspective:

“Think about how many days go by in a lifetime that have no real effect on a life.”

That’s as deep as I get.

Talk soon,


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December 27, 2009



December 27, 2009


I find the two programs complimentary of each other. TAQ does emphasize foot quickness/speed which is necessary for making cuts, crossovers etc. CSP emphasizes, acceleration, top end speed and how to maintain it once you get there. The programs are for that reason alone complimentary.

Both programs acknowledge the need for strength training to increase speed and provide the basics;programs like The Jump Manual and DYVL get more into the exact science to tailor the strength training to the individual. All of these programs work on the principal of increasing the ability to explode. that is what creates quickness, spped or jump propulsion.

So with quick feet and fast, powerful movements the TAQ and CSP together create the ultimate athlete.


December 27, 2009

Well said Alan, I completely agree.


December 29, 2009

Interesting. Speaking of quickness, I haven’t even got The Truth About Quickness program, and yet I feel like I’m already getting faster from The Effective Ball Handling Program. This feels like a miracle for me for every improvement I make and I thank you for it Alex. Keep the good stuff comin. Hoping to get The Truth About Quickness eventually.


December 31, 2009

Well I have the Complete Speed Training Program…and my honest answer for it is that it’s useless for an absolute beginner who has no knowledge of athletic training and really doesn’t know what’s required to improve himself.
I’d much rather suggest Kelly’s programs for the raw beginner who wants to improve his speed.

Sure it has got the principles of agility,strength,speed training and conditioning covered really well, in fact the best . And the DVD’s are a treasure chest literally! The incredible range and quality of exercises and recovery methods shown is astounding. And you will worship it.Take my word for it!

But where it fails the most is in the 4 week sample program it gives. It is in NO way for an athlete who is just starting out. It doesn’t elucidate the principles behind which the schedule was made, neither does it tell the athlete how to make one for himself.
Not to mention what the starting weight should be in all the lifts. These things really confused me a lot when I’d bought it and eventually I gave up on that program anyway. I had no way of contacting Latif either.

Briefly, the Pros:
*Detailed Warm Up videos+Principles(Awesome)
*Detailed Conditioning+Recovery+Flexibility exercise videos+Principles
*Detailed Agility Ladder_Cone videos
*Detailed Speed Training Videos

The Cons:
*No mention of starting weights to use in barbell exercises
*No mention of how to set up custom workouts
*Given sample workout is too much volume for the average trainee

Don’t get me wrong here. I’m not lambasting the product. It’s just that I didn’t know many things back then and truth be told CST is what really got me started in the right direction.
Heck I woudn’t have found Kelly and Alex had it not been for CST! But that’s a different story 😉

So guys n gals take your pick. If you wanna improve your top end speed, and know about strength training and training with barbells, know about volume and recovery and your *own* individual work capacity CST is for you. Otherwise one is better off reading the articles here and understanding things first. 🙂


January 30, 2010

Hey Alex I have your quickness chronicles program and I was just wondering, can it help with my vertical jump? because speed does have to do with jumping, and I want to become explosive.


February 1, 2010

By improving your overall coordination and improving your feet and lower legs, yeah, you’ll probably increase your VJ indirectly…but if it’s more VJ you’re after, you’d be better of focusing specifically on the VJ.

Have you seen this:


Rock it,



February 12, 2010

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July 25, 2010

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