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Expert Opinions

“Alex Maroko is one of our most talented contributors at Critical Bench. His training systems and protocols are cutting edge. Some call him controversial, but I call him a leader paving the way for faster, stronger and more dynamic athletes. I’m very happy to be friends with Alex and have access to his training brain power!”

Mike Westerdal

Owner, CriticalBench.com


“One of the names to watch out for in the future of the S&C industry is Alex Maroko. His combination of real world experience as an athlete and intense dedication to learn and grow as a coach gives him a solid combination of knowledge to pass along.”

Kelly Baggett
Performance Enhancement Coach
Best Selling Author


“There’s no doubt about it, Alex Maroko knows his stuff. I’d recommend players and coaches to him without hesitation. He is certainly one of the top up and coming young coaches on today’s scene.”

Roger Nelsen
Performance Enhancement Specialist


As a parent, I am very interested in helping my son get access to the latest training information possible, so he can compete at the D3 college basketball level. At that level, being faster, stronger, quicker and jumping higher matters much more than at the high school level. My son’s vertical is now up over 1.5 inches in just 2 weeks…which is very encouraging (this is true improvement measured by a Vertec, not the crazy numbers you see spread all over the internet that have no meaning). We are also using Alex’s ball-handling product and find it to have something that other ball-handling products we have looked at lack…a solid progression over time, step by step, with testing.

As a coach, I know I don’t really have time to help my kids get stronger or jump higher…just like every coach I know. It would be a Godsend to have someone like Alex to send them to so they can not only improve their skills, but their athleticism in the off-season.

I.. give him my highest recommendation.

Mike O’Neil
Parent Coach


“There is no one else I would trust training athletes more than Alex Maroko. He is extremely knowledgeable, personable and straight-up GETS RESULTS. He truly is a prodigy!”

Ryan Magin
Strength Coach
Professional BMX Racer