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The 4 Keys To Jumping Higher

By Alex On June 20, 2010 8 Comments


Included in this video for you are the FOUR things you need to be aware of to jump higher..if you can master all 4, you can jump as high as you want. Period.

And in case you didn’t watch the whole video, here’s the deal. On Monday June 28, Flying In Four is be re-released at a special 50% OFF for 3 full days. This is a HUGE event and I don’t know that anything like it will be happening again.

What’s really special about this too is I’m giving you 5 free vertical jump gifts with Flying In Four during the 3-day event (and some of these gifts aren’t just good, they’re friggin’ GREAT).

Talk soon,


PS – Let me know your thoughts on the video in the Comments Section.

THIS is the current situation…

By Alex On February 1, 2010 7 Comments

1. I’m sorry for not blogging more lately…I’ve been crazy busy with life, preparing for this MAJOR release of Flying in Four and putting together that FREE Giveaway you saw last week (you did pick something up right? …more than 15,000 people did in just 3 days…if you missed it and wanna see what you missed out on, go here: Free Sports Giveaways).

Lots of positive, helpful stuff will be coming to you in the next 3 months so, yeah, be kinda excited.

2. My friends have taken to calling me “The Situation” the past couple weeks (totally hate you guys too), in reference to the dopekiller MTV show, “Jersey Shore”, mainly because it seems like there is usually a “situation” surrounding me (clearly never my fault) and probably because of my general gravitation towards being a little cocky, ya know, like all the time.

They even decided to put it in writing:

Is this a good thing? LOL…if only I could tell you…

3. I watched the South Carolina-Kentucky basketball game last week

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Familiar Sounding Story?

By Alex On October 7, 2009 1 Comment


(I literally just stole this story below from the Blazing Speed Challenge Website…shh, keep it between us, k?)

…I received a call from a training client not too long ago. Let’s call him “Typical Tim” (to save him from the potential embarrassment I’m about to bestow on him!)..

Typical Tim is a pretty high-level basketball player and he was struggling…

No Results To Speak Of In 5 Months!

And in those 5 months, he had dabbled in 6 (SIX!) different training programs, all of which were focused on a different thing. One was supposed to make him faster, another to jump higher, another to make him more flexible (and so on).

I took a look at all the different programs he had tried, and while they weren’t great (OK, they weren’t even good), a couple of them would have at least garnered some type of results if he had stuck with them for some time.

But, come one, we both know that wasn’t his biggest problem…

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Special Teleseminar This Wednesday Night

By Alex On August 31, 2009 4 Comments
Remember that song from that movie with Eminem, “8 Mile”?
How’d it go?
If you had one shot, one opportunity…
To be blunt, we actually have big opportunities every single day. We often just don’t recognize them
and even worse, when we do, we let them PASS us by.
As you are well aware of, it’s the Action-Takers that I am quite partial to, the athletes and coaches who NEVER
let opportunities pass them by.
And today, I put together something just for you

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Do You Need To Lift Weights?

By Alex On August 25, 2009 36 Comments

I get questions e-mailed to me all the time.

Just last night, I was going through some of the more recent ones, and I seemed to notice a scary trend in the questions.

It was mainly from athletes who played a lot of different sports (basketball, football, baseball, etc.), who all wanted to get a lot quicker and faster, but were looking for every excuse NOT to lift weights… BIG Mistake. Here’s why…

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Shaq Is Slow

By Alex On August 18, 2009 20 Comments

It’s late Tuesday night and I just had some recent motivation to write a quick post here. I was watching this new show on ABC called “Shaq’s Big Challenge”….not gonna lie, I was entertained.

I was watching it with my Dad, who is notorious for his Shaq-hating. This of course made it even more interesting since this is a man who once said he would rather have Kwame Brown on his team than Shaquille O’Neal because “at least Kwame doesn’t actually think he’s Superman!”

As we were watching the show,

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Have You Seen Truth About Quickness TV?

By alex maroko On June 30, 2009 No Comments

Get all 5 Episodes of Truth About Quickness TV, free, right here:

Truth About Quickness TV Free Instant Access

Let’s look at the 5 episode titles:

  1. The 4 Keys To Quickness
  2. Evil Speed Secrets
  3. The King of Failures
  4. Stealth Secrets From A Mad Scientist
  5. Truth About Quickness Revealed

Get all of them right now, HERE:

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The Effective Ball-Handling Recruiting Report

By Alex On December 14, 2008 No Comments


If you could, leave me a comment below on what you thought about the video, what you learned, just your overall thoughts. That way, if I ever use this as part of a promotion or something, I have some testimonials to back it up.

Rock on.


P.S. I’m filming the first DVD for The 31-Minute Mastery Series: The 3-Point Workout and it’s shaping up to be BAD-ASS. I’ve been planning the workout for a couple days now and it is alpha-charged right now. Later.

Lean Hybrid Muscle

By Alex On October 25, 2008 No Comments

Checking out some of this new “how to build muscle and lost fat” stuff from Elliott Hulse and Mike Westerdal..they’re caling it Lean Hybrid Muscle.

It’s really darn interesting…I’ll be back with more on my thoughts about it soon.


By Alex On July 14, 2008 No Comments

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