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Getting Naked, Peaking Out & Getting “Reddy”…

By Alex On April 25, 2010 9 Comments

As I sit here writing this update within the comfy confines of my local Barnes and Noble, there is a “peculiar” old woman sitting 3 feet away from me, staring me down like I’ve got flames coming out of my eyes (and newsflash: no flames emanating from my deep blue pupils, just truth).

Kinda weird. Anyways…

Lots has been going on lately that’s prevented me from updating the blog recently, so my bizzad for that. Before you forgive me, let me tell you why, and what’s been going on.

I’ve been super busy with this crazy, but always exciting thing called life (did I pronounce that right? LOL).

Between training in “real life”, my new Platinum Athletic Clients, helping everyone in the Destroy The 40 Program and helping run all the different websites for TAQ, FIF and EBH (my 3 products), I’ve sort of been tied up.

On top of that, I’ve also started writing a book (a REAL book, that is). Very early stages right now, but it actually isn’t just about training or fitness, but about lifestyle, influence, self-help, lots of cool stuff that I’m enormously passionate about, so I’ve been beyond EXCITED about that (and I’ll be sure to keep you guys posted on that).

I’ve also think I’ve put together a good “email update” schedule that should work out well for you and for me…here’s what it looks like:

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Killer Video From Adam Steer and Body Weight Revolution…

By Alex On March 20, 2010 12 Comments

Hey there…hope your day is going great! Now, check this awesome content out below…


Here is the PERSONAL video I promised you from BodyWeightCoach.Com Expert Trainer Adam Steer. In it, he’s going to tell you:

  • The NUMBER ONE problem with not using bodyweight training in your workouts
  • How bodyweight training specifically and DIRECTLY helps you on the field or court with your speed, power and explosiveness
  • One MAJOR HALL-OF-FAME ATHLETE who trained with Adam and WHY he said Adam’s bodyweight training techniques rocked his WORLD (this guy is a LEGEND)
  • EXACTLY why you need to include bodyweight workouts in your own training, but even more, exactly why you need to be using what Adam teaches to achieve the absolute BEST results

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Athletes Bodyweight Training And Exercises In Cancun…

By Alex On March 18, 2010 23 Comments

I spent last week in Cancun, you know, “where the wild things are”, BUT…

…it wasn’t all socializing and partying (too bad, right?). Almost every morning, while my buddies were on the beach “gaming and shaming”, I was in the warped and twisted hotel weight room, getting my sweat on!

I managed to capture some video of some of the workouts for you, but as you’ll see below in the video below, the weight room there was hopelessly weak!

The squat rack was the missing the barbell, the dumbbells only went up to 50 lbs. and when I even decided to give the machines a shot, I found that they only worked for half the repetition (the resistance disappeared for the eccentric portion of the lift — which to me, as I’m in a “muscle-building” focused stage is most important, since most of the muscular damage and the hormonal response it initiates comes from those intense eccentric contractions).

You would think you can’t get a good, athletic-specific workout in such a situation, right?


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Confidence and Sports

By Alex On January 10, 2010 7 Comments

As I was enjoying this Arizona-Green Bay football game, I had a sudden jolt of inspiration to crank out something here for you on Game Speed Insider…

Now, I’m from Michigan. My dad spent some time back in the day with the University of Michigan football team (at 5-9, 170 lbs., he was a beast of an O-linemen…ok, he was actually a punter), when good ‘ol Bo Shembechler was coaching and it rubbed off on me growing up…we always cheered for the Wolverine football team on some fun, fall Saturday afternoons.

So as I was watching the Cardinals mollywamp the Packers, a familiar name kept coming up from the Cardinals

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New Year’s Eve, Ted Mosby and Motivational Sports Quotes

By Alex On January 3, 2010 74 Comments

Man, can you believe it’s twenty-ten (2010) already? Crazy…

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen that show How I Met Your Mother (CBS Mondays at 8 PM Eastern Time), but I watch it all the time, own all the seasons on DVD, quote my favorite characters….you know, the whole nine.

Anyways, there was an episode I watched for the <totally lost count> time the other day where it’s New Year’s Eve and the show’s main character, hopeless romantic and narrator Ted Mosby decides to take New Year’s Eve into his own hands.

See, earlier in the episode and throughout the entire thing, Ted and crew say something like “New Year’s Eve is the most overrated night of the year…with all the hype and pre-planning it gets, there’s no way it can ever live up to its billing.”

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Strength Training For Sports

By Alex On December 23, 2009 4 Comments

Just add weight…”

Interesting story…

I was talking to one of my Platinum Athletic athletes a couple days ago (which is, btw, shutting down…just a little too much demand compared to the amount of time I’d like to to give to it…everyone currently in it, no worries, you’re still in for as long as you want), and through our emailing back and forth, he was telling me that while he was feeling quicker and faster, he wasn’t any stronger.

He said he was still using the same amount of of weight on all his major exercises, and his bathroom mirror was telling him he hadn’t gained any muscle either.


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Getting Stronger As An Athlete

By Alex On November 29, 2009 No Comments

I remember when I first started really learning all about what it meant to be a trainer and a “speed coach” (or an athletic coach or whatever generic name you wanna give it!).

Everyone who knows me personally knows that regardless of anything else, I am enormously self-motivated. I know what I want to do and know, and then I make it happen.

I go to every and any resource I need to learn about it and then I take ACTION. It’s a proven formula that has worked out really, really well for me.

So, back to when I first started really learning about training…I was a basketball player and I needed to get faster (well, ok….a LOT faster). So I went to work to try and figure it all out. And piece by piece, things started to come together, I started to really make things happen and voila!, I was fast (well, ok…REALLY fast). It didn’t happen overnight and it wasn’t easy, but damn it was worth it, ya know?

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Who Needs Muscle, Right?

By Alex On November 22, 2009 17 Comments

Ahh, back to blogging and pouring out my heart on this keyboard in front of me…how enchanting.

Yesterday I was at the gym and happened to overhear 2 athletes having one killer, enlightening discussion.

Enlightening mainly because they taught me a ton of things that I had no idea about. Here’s a short paraphrasing of what their conversation looked like (please take note of the heavy “internet sarcasm” I’m conveying here):

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A List of 7 Cool Things…

By Alex On November 12, 2009 3 Comments

After a long-break from the blog, I figured it was time to start cranking again…here we go:

1. I find that no matter what I do or who I meet, I’m always learning. I try to stay focused on always having an open mind and being *positive* and I find that valuable lessons seem to keep coming my way. You gotta love learning, right?

2. How many people do you know who are overweight (read: fat) and are always trying to lose the weight and get a hot six-pack? Lots, of course.

And how many of them do you see actually reach the point where they’d ever catch eyes on the beach? Almost never.

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The Best Exercise For Your Core…

By Alex On September 23, 2009 No Comments

Less than 36 hours remain in the Combat Core System + 3 MAJOR Bonuses Extravaganza.

Get in on it before the clock strikes ZERO:

Combat Core System + 3 MAJOR Bonuses Extravanganza <—seriously, I hooked this up…

And, as promised, here are the last questions Combat Core Creator Jim Smith answered for us on Game Speed Insider:

Question 14: I’m always confused on how to strengthen my core. I would like to know the best exercises to get your core strong?

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