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11 Reasons Why Chin-Ups Rock!

By Alex On January 17, 2011 12 Comments

I saw this one coming..

I just released my newest 28-Day Athletic Workout Program called, “The Chin-Up Challenge” the other day and the response has been great — tons of people who clearly the understand the merlin-esque powers of the Chin-Up (and from now on, when I say chin-up, I’m also including the Pull-Up (palms facing away) — both are great).

And while I’m being somewhat tongue-in-cheek when I say “merlin-esuqe” and call it magical or call it a “loophole”, there’s some truth to it. Chin-Ups really are just one of those exercises that seem to do it all.

If chin-ups were a girl, they’d be like your assistant, cleaning lady, chef, girlfriend and designated DVR-manager all rolled up into one, perfect woman.


“Perfect female” or not, here are 11 more reasons why chin-ups absolutely ROCK:

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Crazy Experiment Proves One Tiny Change To Your Workouts Can Lead To Massive Results!

By Alex On December 9, 2010 52 Comments

“Alex, your name’s been called…it’s time.”

I’m seated on a dark bench. My shoulders are pulled back, but my heads down. I didn’t hear him at first, I was thinking.

I’m always thinking.

I slowly raise my left hand to let him know I heard him. I hear his footsteps quickly scurry out.

I take a deep breath, the kind that cools your nostrils and makes you feel like one of those shaman-types for a fleeting second. I hated those shaman-types, with their good breaths and calm faces.

It’s time to do battle. The crowds, waiting for me. My people, waiting for me. My fate, waiting for me. I make sure my boots are strapped tightly enough for the 9th time, take one last breath and make my way towards the weapons wall.

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The State of The Athlete Address For 2011

By Alex On December 6, 2010 2 Comments

I did my best to be uber-serious in this video because the topic is pretty serious..

I only do this once a year (the State of the Athlete talk) and in it, I address the BIGGEST thing all success-minded athletes need to be aware of in 2011.

Times are definitely changing and if you’re not hip to what’s going on (especially when your competition is), you’ll get left behind, which to me, is entirely unacceptable, especially for a reader of mine!

In the words of the totally mortal DJ Khaled, “All WE do is win.”

So watch the video below now and then check out the OTHER surprise I made for you..

The Other Surprise: I spent a lot of time the last couple months putting together a brand-new eBook for you. And get this: it’s FREE.

It’s called “Success Stories With Alex Maroko” and it was made a few months ago when I had my subscribers write in to me to tell me about their goals, their dreams, their struggles and of course, their successes.

We picked most of the best responses and made a great eBook out of it, one that you’ll be able to read and borrow some inspiration/motivation for your own career whenever you want.

Get started reading it RIGHT NOW by simply right-clicking this link below:

Athlete Success Stories With Alex Maroko

And it’s free just because…

You’re totally awesome for reading my emails and allowing me to teach, help and guide you with your training and I guess I just wanted to show my thanks. Enjoy!

All the best.

Your Coach in Speed and Quickness,


P.S. Let me know what you think about the video and eBook in the Comments Section!

How Athletes Beat Fear

By Alex On October 23, 2010 19 Comments

Just a few days ago, we talked about the problem of NOT believing in yourself, playing with fear in your heart and how crushing it can be to ANY player in “The Secret ALL Athletes Fear.

At the end of that article, I asked you how your life would be different if you ALWAYS believed in yourself and NEVER felt any fear… And you responded. Big-Time. With 100+ Comments.

So much so in fact that it caught the eye of a very good friend of mine, Todd Herman.

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The Secret ALL Athletes Fear..

By Alex On October 20, 2010 111 Comments

I’ve got a secret for you..

It’s big and WILL change your game, career and life FOREVER.

Heady words, right? Keep reading, it gets juicy..

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How Athletes Get Rid Of Stubborn Fat

By Alex On September 10, 2010 87 Comments

Ever heard of Lendale White?

He’s a running back in the NFL and he’s had one major problem his entire career: He’s fat.

Or let me re-phrase that: He’s sometimes fat (often enough for a Google search of “Lendale White fat” to return 23,000 hits).

He was drafted from USC in the 2nd round by the Tennesse Titans and proceeded to do close to nothing his first few years, mainly because of his weight issues.

Then, REALIZING “hey, maybe I shouldn’t be fat”, he lost 30 lbs. one off-season and rushed for 15 TD’s that season. Which is cool. And good. But mainly cool.

So, let’s recap it here:

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3 Easy Tricks To CRUSH “The Curse of Motivation”

By Alex On August 30, 2010 15 Comments

So we surpassed our 30 comment quota on the last blog post, “The Curse of Motivation”…coolness.

NOW, it’s time to get freaky with the good stuff and, as promised, my 3 BEST tricks for you to absolutely crush the “Curse of Motivation” and keep rocking and rolling with your athletic success.

So, let’s get it on:

1. Write a thank-you letter to yourself TODAY

This little trick is all about personal accountability..

I discovered it a few years back when I was actually writing thank-you letters to some friends, and because I’m awesomely weird, I decided to write a thank-you letter to myself.

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“The Curse of Motivation”

By Alex On August 24, 2010 35 Comments

“Defeat never comes to any man until he admits it.” –Josephus Daniels

This is something I’ve never really talked about before:

When I was going through my original speed and quickness transformation (the one where I went from super-slow and CUT from my own high school’s basketball team to playing college basketball and getting so darn quick, I was asked to create a best-selling speed and quickness program called “The Truth About Quickness”),  I struggled. A lot.

It’s funny now, because when we talk about it or look back on it, it seems so easy, simple and straightforward. And it sort of is..

Ya know, it’s like.. You do these exercises, you do them this often and you do this much of them, and pretty soon, YOU’RE incredibly fast too.

But that’s not the whole picture, is it?

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Exclusive Interview With Vert Freak 2.0 Creator Adam Linkenauger

By Alex On July 20, 2010 2 Comments

Hey there,


So here it is! The exclusive interview I secured for you with Vert Freak 2.0 Creator Adam Linkenauger.

If you don’t know who Adam is, he’s a former National Champion Long Jumper, creator of the Vert Freak System and (DRUMROLL…), owner of a 50-INCH VERTICAL JUMP (one that he TRAINED for, it’s NOT something he was born with).

As you probably already know, Adam has just released the Vert Freak 2.0 System and I’m a really big fan of it, mainly because it has so MANY different vertical jump workouts to follow and reveals several different TECHNIQUE strategies for jumping higher.

These techniques are so special, because they ALLOW YOU to gain anywhere from 2-12 inches in a matter of MINUTES…anyways, Adam’s gonna explain it all below for you, and if you’re ready to check out the newest version of Vert Freak 2.0, check out this link below:

Vert Freak 2.0 <--------- Click This! Also, there were 500 copies to start and I know everyone's been on them like gangbusters, so, don't wait on this, ya know?

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The Two Types Of Muscle Growth…

By Alex On May 14, 2010 25 Comments

Imagine if you’re an athlete that’s just been focusing on sarcoplasmic hypertrophy all this time…hopefully you’re NOT one of them!

Let me know your thoughts below on the video above, I always dig seeing what you have to say (also, at least 25 comments and I’ll crank out another cool video for you this weekend…please do this, I have way too much fun making these videos!).

And if you have any specific questions, let me know below too, and I’ll do my best to get them answered for you.

Also, here’s the link to Jason’s new program: Triple Threat Muscle

But like I said, DON’T get it yet…I worked my Maroko Magic and got him to drop the price just for you guys next week, but don’t worry about that for now, I’m gonna try and get a couple more good videos up for you this week and weekend before then.

Talk to you in the Comments Section,