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Saving Time and Kicking Butt In The Gym Part III

By Alex On July 31, 2009 8 Comments

I just saw this new movie that came out today, Funny People. I consider myself a bit of a movie buff (like the rest of the world, right?), so to keep it short and sweet, I thought Adam Sandler and Director Judd Apatow really showed their range with this movie.

They both showed me things I hadn’t ever seen out of them, and more importantly they had me laughing nonstop for the whole movie. Good stuff…

Now, back to training and getting you results, so far in Saving Time and Kicking Butt Parts I and II, we’ve covered super-sets and intra-set activity.

As we wrap up with Part III today, we are going to take a more general look at your training. The basic message today is focusing on progress, and progress only.

I used to talk to Mad Scientist Kelly Baggett all the time, and through all of the amazing details, tricks and tips I learned with that kind of “inside access”, the biggest thing I learned was that it’s all about doing as little as possible, while not sacrificing any type of results.

If you can get the same results from 10 minutes a day versus 100 minutes a day, well, I think which one you’d choose should be totally obvious (I know I’m taking the path of least resistance so long as it leads to the same place).

The issue arises far too often because athletes in general are so damn motivated today. They just want to work and train and work and train and so on. The phrase “more is better..” DOES NOT fit here though.

More is definitely not better MOST of the time with training.

There is a very fine line between the right amount, between doing too much and too little and you will ALWAYS be better off doing too little than too much.

That is why so many of the people who have their hands on a copy of The Truth About Quickness Insider’s System were so shocked that mine and Kelly’s workouts didn’t require you to spend hours and hours a day to get a ton quicker…it’s just not necessary.

So, today, I ask you to take an honest look at your training and see if there’s anything in there that isn’t serving a direct purpose in making you a better athlete or coach.

Head over to the comments section and let me know what it is you plan on changing so that you can get better results in less time…I’ll be the first one (brutal honesty below).


Saving Time and Kicking Butt In The Gym-Part I

By Alex On July 27, 2009 9 Comments

So, I just finished watching Entourage (great show and I seriously recommend it for anyone who doesn’t watch it by the way).

In this episode “Turtle” (a main character), was going through somewhat of a crisis.

It was his 30th birthday and as we all know, birthday’s can often make us do some soul-searching…Turtle was no different.

After 30 years of life, he looked back on what he had accomplished and didn’t like what he saw (mainly because he hadn’t accomplished anything). I would say that he felt like he had been wasting his time, not getting anything done, not making ANY moves.

Put it this way, the guy got a Ferrari -AND- a Porsche on this birthday, and still felt bad (the nerve, right?).

Now, I know one thing: I never want to feel like a time-waster. I am too motivated, too persistent and just too impatient to waste any of my time. I’m sure you feel the same way…our time is important, no question about it.

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