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How To Look, Feel and Move Better In 28 Days (plus MySpace pics from me!)

By Alex On December 11, 2010 No Comments

So a couple months ago, I was at that point.

You know, that breaking point, where things could go

Either Good or Bad!

I wanted to take my body to a different level than it had ever been.

I wanted to look better than I ever had, feel better than I ever had and move better than I ever had.

And I wanted to do it in a month.

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The FASTEST Way To Get Stronger!

By Alex On May 27, 2010 28 Comments

In this video, we’ll cover:

* the 5 best speed-getting exercises for ATHLETES

* how to set up your workouts to gain strength the FASTEST way possible

* the trick I use to make sure you never plateau with your strength gains

* and what happens when I get mad (FYI, I don’t turn green!)

Hope you liked the video, let me know your thoughts below in the Comments Section right now if you can.


PS – If you know someone else that would like this video, be cool and let them know.

Also, if you can’t see the video here, try this: The FASTEST Way To Get Stronger!

The Fraud Story, My 40-Yard Dash Time And BIG News…

By Alex On February 26, 2010 12 Comments

Hey! First off, I hope everything in your life is as awesome and exciting as what’s going on in mine right now (SO much goin’ on!). I have a pretty rare story I want to share with you today…

….it’s a seriously embarrassing story about me and the FIRST time I ran the 40-Yard Dash, cleverly titled “The Fraud” story.

The Fraud Story

As you’re probably well aware, I am naturally a very SLOW athlete.

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Sports Speed Training

By Alex On February 23, 2010 35 Comments

Hey there, glad to have ya here.

Tell me, what’s the issue with the current state of speed and sports with athletes?

More and more, the only athletes I see out there on the field or the court who have game-breaking speed or unreal acceleration are the ones who were born that way — the ones with the genetics that had them pre-determined to blaze around like gazelles in an open field on a scorching hot Friday afternoon, after a quick meal of Red Bull and wheatgrass!

What about the rest of us? The ones who aren’t born with obnoxious speed or explosiveness, who actually have to work for the results we want?

When I was younger, I was S-L-O-W. Heavy feet, weak thighs and glutes that couldn’t even imagine cracking a walnut between them (sidebar: if anyone now needs to open up a walnut…lol, I digress). It reminds me of when I was playing in that big AAU tournament as a teenager in front of all those college coaches down in Kentucky.

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Complete Speed Training

By Alex On December 26, 2009 9 Comments

I hope your Christmas/holiday season was great.

All week, it’s been great to hang out and clown around with a lot of the people you don’t get to see that often. I saw Sherlock Holmes yesterday with the whole family and it was pretty darn good.

Robert Downey Jr. is my FAVORITE actor (Iron-Man was so dope) and he did a killer job portraying Sherlock Holmes, while holding down a wicked British accent throughout the movie. The rest of the film was good, not great, but if you like action or mystery type movies, you’re definitely going to enjoy this one!

Now, a  surprising question (well, it used to kinda surprise me…I guess I’m just used to it now) I get a lot regarding getting quicker, faster and more athletic goes something like this:

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Strength and Speed Workouts For Athletes

By Alex On December 1, 2009 6 Comments

Funny story…

I’m walking back into my condo complex late last night, and I see the complex security guard, Steve, up ahead (his back is turned to me).

He doesn’t hear me, so I just figure I’ll just walk by, give him a shout-out and keep it movin’. So, I stroll along and right as I get about 2 steps from him, he quickly whips around, sees me, JUMPS back and shouts,” Holy s**t, you scared the hell out of me!”

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Some Blazing Speed Questions Answered…

By Alex On October 8, 2009 123 Comments

WOW…so many good questions coming in about The Blazing Speed Challenge.

My assistant Austin said he’s never seen so many passionate, looong emails coming in about ONE thing…looks like some people are READY for more speed.

But, have no fear, I did my best below to answer some of the MOST common questions. Enjoy!

Q: How does The Blazing Speed Challenge work exactly?

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Improving Your 40 Yard Dash In 10 Seconds…

By Alex On October 1, 2009 12 Comments

I am CRAZY busy right now getting something BIG ready so I’m going to make this short and uber-sweet for you right now…

Here’s a simple tip to improve your 40-Yard Dash within a few seconds.

It takes advantage of a phenomenom known as potentiation. All that simply means is that “you do one specific thing for the sole purpose of making a second thing better”. The first thing “potentiates” the second.

So to use this to you advantage for your 40-Yard Dash, you’d want to potentiate the the Dash beforehand.

How do you do it?

Easy, lots of ways to do it. Here a couple things you can do:

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All About The 40-Yard Dash…

By Alex On September 29, 2009 40 Comments

I love watching the NFL Combine! I can clearly still remember when I was a kid, watching the SportsCenter highlights from all of the most explosive and strongest football players in the world…the competition between all of them and whose performance would be best and catapult them to stardom…all of it just got me going!

Today, I mainly watch the 40-Yard Dashes (this is Game SPEED Insider, right?) and I love it for a couple reasons:

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Speed Training Programs, Breaking News and Chicago…

By Alex On September 10, 2009 4 Comments

A lot of stuff is going on here…

First of all, I’ve been spending a lot of time putting some work on the next product.

What’s great about it is I didn’t even have to do any of the content in it…I literally and completely randomly met a genius of a man who has been teaching me *genius* things, and now he wants me to put it out there for the world.

I wish I could say more right now, but just know that it’s going to be terrific, affordable and HUGELY beneficial for you…the mystery continues.

I also just finalized some plans to take a 3-day trip out to Chicago next week…any Game Speeder’s out there have any suggestions of restaurants/places to go while I’m there (let me know in the Comments section!).

And thirdly, I just finished putting together a speed training article for my good friend Mike Westerdal over at Critical Bench and I thought I’d share a blurb from it with you below….enjoy.

“…second, you need the RIGHT regimen for speed training. And that’s where I’m hoping we can help you out here, giving you the most optimal quickness or speed program, so you CAN get a heck of a lot faster and quicker, today.

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