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Using Speed Ladder Drills To Increase Your Quickness

By Alex On March 3, 2009 No Comments

Hey there, Alex Maroko here and today, I’m gonna tell you all about using ladder drills and how/if they can increase your speed and quickness.

What’s are speed ladder drills?

Ladder drills are speed and agility drills that use a speed ladder. The speed ladder is placed on the ground, and then the speed-seeking athlete runs through the ladder in different patterns and speed training drills (there are hundreds of different speed ladder drills to choose from).

How do they work? How will they make me faster?

Speed ladder drills are particularly beneficial for athletes who have little to no athletic experience. For these athletes, the speed ladder is a wonderful tool for them to develop their coordination, foot speed and plantar flexor stiffness, as well as their anaerobic conditioning.

Are they the best speed training drill? Should I be doing them?

This is a very common question. The truth is that quickness ladder drills are not very effective in terms of getting faster or quicker for anybody, but beginning athletes. I’ll explain…

As you improve and progress as an athlete from beginner to intermediate to advanced and so on, you need progressive and more intensive stimuli to force your body to adapt and improve. The speed ladder doesn’t allow for you to impose more intensive or challenging stimuli. The best way to invoke these changes is to increase the force or speed of the movement of speed drill that you’re doing. Because the speed ladder is laid flat on the ground, you can’t increase the force of any of the speed ladder drills.

Because of this major restriction, the speed ladder ends up being a very limited speed training tool.

How should I use the speed ladder then? What agility drills should I be doing?

Like I said before, if you’re a beginner athlete, then you will see improvements from the speed ladder. You should use it. But, if you’re beyond the beginner level, then you’ll want to graduate to more advanced quickness and speed drills.

Things like low-level plyometrics with built-in progressions at the right volumes and intensities could probably guarantee significant speed and quickness improvements for you.

By following drills like that a few times a week, for as little as 10 minutes a workout, you could be potentially dominating your competition with blazing speed and lightning first-step quickness in a matter of 10-14 days.

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