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How To Look, Feel and Move Better In 28 Days (plus MySpace pics from me!)

By Alex On December 11, 2010 No Comments

So a couple months ago, I was at that point.

You know, that breaking point, where things could go either

Good or Bad!

I wanted to take my body to a different level than it had ever been.

I wanted to look better than I ever had, feel better than I ever had and move better than I ever had.

And I wanted to do it in a month.

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The Truth About Quickness Insider’s System 2.0

By Alex On September 15, 2010 2 Comments

The world’s BEST-selling speed and quickness training system is coming back BETTER than ever very, very soon.. (goosebumps..). Enjoy:

The Truth About Quickness Insider’s System 2.0

The Freak Athlete Formula!

By Alex On June 1, 2010 3 Comments

That one formula has TRANSFORMED the athletic careers of TONS of athletes worldwide.

Here’s where you can get your dusty/discounted copy of The Truth About Quickness (nevermind, they’re all gone! But you can read about the Truth About Quickness by clicking HERE).

The “Dusty” Quickness Sale

1. Glutes + Feet = Freak Athlete is a proven formula.

I’ve done my best to guide you in the “how to” of the glutes part of the equation and give you some help with the feet part, but it’s just inherently more complicated…that’s what Kelly and I created “The Truth About Quickness”…

..so you could have a proven resource delivered to you on a silver platter (or in a DVD in this case!).

It WILL show you exactly how to DOMINATE the “feet” part of the equation Glutes + Feet.

2. There are 6 “dusty” copies of TAQ I found for you (update: like I said above, sorry, they’re all sold out!).

These will get picked up VERY quickly. If you want to be a freakishly explosive athlete with incredible quickness and agility and ALSO like saving some money, then get yourself a copy right now before they’re all gone.

3. If you’re not sure about how good The Truth About Quickness is, here’s an unsolicited Facebook wall post I got last week:

Please NOTE that The Truth About Quickness was built and designed for TEAM-sport athletes, like basketball, football, baseball and soccer (or any stop-and-start, high-speed game).

If it’s working THIS well for track athletes, imagine what it does for team sport athletes like you.

Anyways, after that, I sent Sigfried a private message (as you can see in the picture) and he wrote me back this:

“First of all The Truth About Quickness helped me run faster times than ever in my life.

TAQ gave me a brand new way to train and it enlightened me alot because I didn’t know what quickness was until now. And I recommend this to any one out there who like me was a skeptic and was still mediocre, trust me use this and your life and body will change — thank you Alex!

From Sigfried”

Here’s the link where you can learn more of the speed secrets found inside The Truth About Quickness:

“The Truth About Quickness Sale”

Also, here’s a pic of the hip flexor and rectus femoris stretches I talked about in the video. Do each one 2-3 times a day, holding it for 30 seconds each (and notice how similar they are).


The Hip Flexor Stretch


The Rectus Femoris Stretch

Have a great day.

Your Coach,


PS – If you can’t see the video here, here’s a page that’ll work for you: Freak Athlete Formula Video

The 5 Fatal Speed and Quickness Mistakes

By Alex On December 9, 2009 4 Comments

Hey..hope everything is going cool with you.

Just a quick reminder that the Truth About Quickness Holiday Package Promo is in full-gear right now…Kelly and I added THREE killer bonuses to the original package making it arguably the coolest combination of speed and quickness stuff *ever*.

Check it out here (it ends TOMORROW):

The Truth About Quickness Holiday Package

Now, here is the brand-new article from Kelly Baggett himself, entitled “The 5 Fatal Speed and Quickness Mistakes”:

From: Kelly Baggett

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4-Week Acceleration Workout

By Alex On September 13, 2009 23 Comments

Lots of football on the tube today..

It ABSOLUTELY pains me to admit that my hometown team is the Detroit Lions. I may not be Eintsein, but I feel really comfortable guaranteeing we will win more games than we did last year (for those who don’t follow “fuseball”, the Lions went an incredible 0-16 last year).

Now, on to things that don’t make me want to scream or cry, I have some great free content here, just for my VIP subscribers,  on the Game Speed Insider blog today.

Here is a really smooth 4-week workout with a focus on acceleration. If you follow this month-long workout plan, I can guarantee that your overall acceleration will drastically improve.

(note that if you want to actually test out your before and after numbers, take 3 full days off after finishing this 4-week plan before testing anything)

Day 1

A. Pogo Jumps 3 x 20

B. Lateral On/Off Low-Barrier Jumps 3 x 10 (each)

C. Sprints 8 x 10 yards, 6 x 20 yards

D.  Deadlifts 4 x 3-5

E.  Step-Ups 2-3 x 8-10

F.  Weighted Decline Sit-Ups 2 x 20

Day 2

A. Low-Squat Sprints 3 x 10 seconds

B. Weighted Paused Jump Squats 4 x 6 (with 15% of 1RM in Squat)

C. Sprints 6 x 15 yards, 4 x 25 yards

D.  Front Squats 4 x 4-6

E.  Reverse Lunges 3 x 6-8

F. Anti-Rotation Iso-Hold 2 x 30 seconds (each)

Do these 2 workouts twice a week and make sure you have at least 72 hours between the 2 sessions, and follow that plan for the next four weeks (for your upper body training, just add a couple efficient sessions a week, focusing on big, compound movements and progressively overloading those movements).

All right, let’s go Lions, don’t embarrass me too much this year!

5 Keys When Lifting For Speed

By Alex On August 28, 2009 15 Comments

I know I said I’ll be back on Thursday, but I just made a short move and was without Internet for a while…

…well, I’m back now (and with a vengenance!).

On Monday, we talked about the giant myth that lifting weights will slow you down. We very simply and sufficiently went over why lifting weights will actually make you faster.

Today, I want to go over 5 key things you need to keep in mind and focus on as you begin your new weight-training program

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Are You Making This Mistake Too?

By Alex On July 24, 2009 11 Comments

I gotta be honest: I have made a TON of mistakes just in training myself.

For example, when I was first starting out, I used the swiss ball religously (those big, usually blue, blown-up balls that are a lot more fun to just sit on than use in an exercise regimen). I did DB presses off of it, bird-dogs (hip and shoulder extension), push-ups and a million other things that did JACK. I even tried to stand on it once (still have the scar to prove it too).

Anyways, I was watching a morning news show this morning, and was reminded of another training mistake I also used to make and one I see EVERYONE still making today.

It involves using this interesting looking contraption called a “Bosu Ball”. It’s actually like half a swiss ball, with one side of it actually looking like half of swiss ball, but the other side is flat.

Anyways, on this news show, they had some really hot, and apparently mis-informed, female trainer giving some generic fitness tips, and almost everything she had to say revolved around using this “Bosu Ball”.

“You can do bicep curls while standing on it, overhead presses, squats, push-ups, you can even do jumps on it, and it’s great because you are working on your “stabilizer muscles,” she proclaimed.

<evil laugh>

The Top 3 Reasons Why Bosu-Balls Stink

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The Difference Between Quickness and Speed

By Alex On July 14, 2009 10 Comments

I was at the gym earlier today, talking to a guy who was doing a bunch of random plyometric drills because he wants to play better in his pickup basketball games and because he “wants to jump like LeBron”.

Now, while I was immediately tempted to verbally abuse this dude because he could train for the next 20 years, take every banned substance known to man and put “flubber” in his white Nike’s and there’s no way he was ever going to jump like LeBron, I took the high road and got to rambling.

I started to explain to him that he could definitely jump-start his athleticism for his pick-up games by focusing on his speed and quickness.

I began to show him some basic tests and exercises he could do for speed and quickness, when he jumped in and said, “Wait. Aren’t they the same thing?”

(My Immediate Thought: “…oh boy, here we go..”)

But, I politely explained to him that, no, they are not the same thing, but both kick butt and both can be improved BIG-TIME.

Let’s get into this:

I’ll start first with the obvious notion that…


Put together, these 2 fiery compounds combine to make a scary and rare substance that makes guys like Jay Bilas and Mel Kiper Jr. dance around and argue like they’re trying to come to a Middle East settlement.

Quickness is your ability to voluntarily react and move in a short distance, and in a time-sensitive manner.

Crossover dribble? Quickness.

7-Step drop? Quickness.

Jump back to first-base after a big lead off? Quickness.

Speed, on the other hand, is much more power-based, and involves more of your body-weight in high force situations.

40-Yard Dash? Speed.

Stealing second base? Speed.

Turning a screen pass into a 40-yard gain? Speed (actually, that could probably end up being a combo, if you’re anything like my guy Barry Sanders).

Those are just a few of a million simple examples (and I LOVE examples..it’s so easy to learn when you can visualize what’s someone talking about).

And NOW, I want to hear YOUR examples.

What to you is Speed? What to you is Quickness?

Give me just ONE comment and I’ll be back in a couple days with some TESTS to see which one you’re better at RIGHT NOW, speed or quickness?

(And then, based on those TESTS, you can know exactly what you’re deficient in, and what YOU need to work on!).

I’ve got the info here waiting for you, let’s see some comments.