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33 Surefire Ways To Increase Your Vertical Jump

By Alex On November 17, 2010 2 Comments

I just finished watching that movie with Vince Vaughn and Jason Bateman, “Couples Retreat”.

It was pretty good — one of the characters reminded me of those people who always talk about what they want without ever taking it seriously or working at it — those kinds of people can be hard on people like us, who work harder than anyone.

But we don’t need to talk about that right now.

What we should be talking about is the vertical jump and dunking.

Now jumping high and dunking will always be that elusive unicorn we’re constantly trying to bag because:

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The Latest “Flying In Four” Q & A – Does Walking More Make You Jump Higher?

By Alex On August 15, 2010 No Comments

Hey there,

Hope everything’s going well and you’re not only
WORKING HARD towards your goals, but you’re
almost MOVING CLOSER to reaching them 🙂

I’ve got some good Q & A here for you in today’s
“Flying In Four Mailbag”, so let’s get to this..


I have a question for you…one of my friends and I were playing
basketball the other day, and he claimed that ever since he had
started walking literally everywhere, that he had been jumping a
little higher every week.

He also claims that he hasn’t been doing any weights or training
lately, just a ton of walking!

What I’m wondering is, can this be true and will it also help me?

Or did he just lose a lot of weight and consequently he happens to jump
higher (or something like that)? I just don’t know!!!!!

I just had a hard time believing that walking, and only walking
could strengthen anyone’s legs enough to bring their vertical leap

An explanation with your great expertise would be greatly

Thanks so much!!!


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The Law, New Quickness Programs And Some Sandler…

By Alex On May 2, 2010 54 Comments

The Recap – Volume Deuce

1. I used to have lists for EVERYTHING.

There was a list for “Books I Need To Read”, “Place I Need To Travel”, “Things I Need To Do Today”…but the one I used to give the most attention to was “Daily Training Stuff That Needs To Be Done Everyday If I’m Going To Conquer All Of My Goals”.

It’s funny, if you were to go into my childhood room and were somehow aware of my super-secret hiding spots (hopefully not ALL of them though, ya dig?), you’d find stacks and stacks of different ideas of training activities I figured I had to do everyday for MAXIMAL results, most of which were added to the aforementioned list.

Some of those ideas were great and definitely SHOULD be done everyday; others were 3 miles past ridiculous and should never be spoken, written or thought about again.

BUT, going back that long ago all the way up to today, there are still some simple and totally beneficial things that YOU should be doing everyday for your own training goals. Try these:

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Win A FREE Copy Of Flying In Four

By Alex On February 11, 2010 409 Comments


I hope you’re in the process of killing it right now using Kelly’s free report, “The 7-Day Vertical Jump Cure”, preparing and setting your body up for massive vertical jump gains when you start using any of the THREE breakthrough vertical jump programs in our new program, Flying in Four.

Also, please remember that Flying In Four finally goes live this Tuesday February 16th and for the first 3 days until next Thursday February 18th, it’ll be yours for a full $20 OFF the normal price to celebrate it’s long-awaited release…4 inches in FOUR weeks is coming for you VERY soon….

…definitely make sure you get ready next week to get there within those first 3 days so you can save yourself some money and start blasting your vertical jump skyward immediately.




Free copies of Flying In Four!

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Plyometrics, Speed and Muscle (and stuff)

By Alex On November 24, 2009 14 Comments

I just finished reading through all of the different comments from Monday’s “Who Needs Muscle, Right?” (well, truthfully, I just finished watching DVR’ed episodes of Two and a Half Men *smile*).

It looks like there are lot of smart Game Speed subscribers (and at 10,000+, I’m not surprised…we’re a smart bunch).

I think you guys hit on everything that was wrong… I’m going to tell you everything I thought was wrong.

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Squat Flex, Jumping Higher And Stuff

By Alex On November 15, 2009 12 Comments

So John Kim (the guy who owns JumpUSA, invented Jump Soles and now the Squat Flex) just sent me over a video for you guys to check out (and I added one of my own too that’s an “oldie, but goodie”).

Take a look below, let me know what you think and don’t forget that if you do decide to get The Squat Flex, you’re automatically entered into and/or get:

* The IPod Free Giveaway (I’ll be giving away 5 IPods to the exclusive pool of just new Squat Flex owners)

* Access to the Private Workout/Training Video Analysis (where I analyze and fix all of your training, there are 2 SPOTS left in that now)

*Stretch Your Vertical, the brand-new 17-page report that comes complete with a step-by-step stretching program that’s been designed specifically to maximize your vertical leap.

You can read about it here:

The Squat Flex (and IPods, Workout Analysis and Stretching Stuff!) <—check it out, eh?

I also JUST found out that the price of The Squat Flex is going to be almost doubling after this Tuesday (like 48 hours from now). I guess that means a few months from if you decide it’s time to take some action and make some changes in your athleticism, this bad-boy is going to retail for a whole lot more.

I guess that means now is probably the “more right” time to act (especially with all of the bonuses and freebies I’m throwing in until Tuesday too). Here it is at the almost 50% off price now:

The Squat Flex (and IPods, Workout Analysis and Stretching Stuff!)

The Squat Flex (and IPods, Workout Analysis and Stretching Stuff!)

Hope you like the videos,