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Alex’s Training Journal: March 14, 2011

By Alex On March 14, 2011 Under Alex's Training Journal

What’s up?

Everything’s been great over here.. And CRAZY!

We’re “re-launching” Effective Ball-Handling 2.0 next week and there is just a ton of stuff going on to get ready for it. Between finishing up the website for it, making these “pre-launch” videos and of course, going through and adding/making changes to the original Effective Ball-Handling System, I’ve barely had time to do nothing (which is normally one of my favorite things to do!).

Although, I will admit that yesterday (Sunday), I swore off doing ANY work and did nothing but watch movies all day long. Unreal.

I watched:

* Vicki Cristina Barcelona

* The Wrestler

* Up In The Air

* Zombieland

* The Cove

Vicki Cristina is easily on my favorite movies ever (want to know how to get girls? Watch that movie), but the rest I had never seen before.

The Wrestler was good (not great), Up In The Air had it’s moments (although I’ve seen Clooney do better) and Zombieland was bad-ass.

The Cove is a documentary about the killing of dolphins in this one area in Japan and was really eye-opening. Watch it.

Training’s been going great as of late too — I’ve been messing around with some different quickness protocols to see just how much I can push my speed/quickness and the results have been really interesting thus far.

I’m using just TWO different quickness exercises and playing around with their frequencies and intensities for a very short, focused block of 4 weeks — I can talk more about it after I finish and test out the results.

Besides that, I’ve been following a 7/5/3 format 4 days a week for some of my favorite lifts:

* DB Incline Press

* Barbell Row

* Barbell RDL

* Barbell Military Press

My biggest PR on Incline DB Presses ever was 100 lb. dumbbells for 3 and I am damn sure planning on breaking that next week for the “3” portion of this month’s block.

Damn. Sure.

Speaking of damn sure, here’s a good song:

Also, some big news, hopefully you can keep it between me and you.

I just got off the phone earlier today with a good friend of mine and maybe the SMARTEST person I know when it comes to using FOOD to make you FASTER, more explosive and recover WAY faster.

His name is Antonio Valladares (he lives in NYC, you can google him) and his information is absolute cutting-edge and from talking to him, I’m pretty sure he’s going to be putting together a brand-new program all about using food to AMPLIFY all of your training results..

..and this is way beyond the normal, “eat X amount of protein” and sleep 8 hours a day.

This is CRAZY-POWERFUL stuff. I mean, check out the possible name for the program:

So I’m gonna be helping him put that together too — I want him to get it out to the whole athletic world by like April/May so you have time all summer long to really build up and amplify the results you were already gonna be getting.

I gotta get going here, but, oh yeah.. also, I’m going to give one member a chance to win a FREE copy of this new sports nutrition program (long before its even released) in next week’s training journal. Look out for that.


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