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Alex’s Training Journal: Cross Fit WHAT?

By Alex On April 11, 2011 Under Alex's Training Journal

It’s been a wild week and a half..

I came back to Michigan from San Diego to visit family and friends, and just chill from all the work and bizness and whatnot…and that’s exactly what I’ve done.

My buddy Ryan Magin came in from Tampa too, to hang with me for a few days and we definitely made the most of that.

We went up to East Lansing, MI to visit Michigan State U and some old friends there for a couple days and while I won’t divulge all the details (mostly for legal reasons), we had a Thursday night none of us will ever forget (or..remember?).

It started with the cracking open of a Red Bull at around 6 PM and ended with a Justin Bieber t-shirt being lost at 4 in the morning (and still, no one knows where it went).

Now I would never actually recommend any athlete to drink things like Red Bull (and definitely not alcohol), but I’m a big believer in the 90/10 Rule:

If you can be perfect with all that you do 90% of the time, you deserve to treat yourself and give in to your deep desires the other 10% of the time.

That night definitely fit into my 10%.

This goes for all kinds of things too — if you’ve been eating really all week long, go crazy for a meal and get a Belgian Waffle, topped with fried chicken, maple syrup and french fries (that’s a real meal I’ve seen someone eat before — #ridiculous).

While we were up there in East Lansing, we also had to find a Cross Fit gym for Ryan to workout in, since he’s currently training for the Cross Fit Games, a national competition where the top finisher takes home a smooth $250,000.

His workout for that day was this:

1. Take a barbell with 165 lbs. on it
2. Squat Clean & Press it as many times as possible in 5 minutes.

Seems pretty easy and straightforward, right?


As someone who was standing right next to him, watching him pain his way through this, I can comfortable say this is one of the hardest workouts I’ve ever seen anyone do.

Cross Fit ain’t no joke..

While we were at the gym, I hung out with the owner of it, a really nice dude whose name I can’t remember, but what I do remember was the workout I watched him and his clients go through there.

This is what they did:

1. 200 “double unders” (these are where you’re jump roping and you swing the rope twice under you in one jump)
2. 50 Overhead Squats
3. 50 Kipping Pullups
4. Run 1 Mile

All with no rest or breaks in between..

Oh, and I almost forgot, you have to do it TWICE.

The fastest I saw someone do it was 47 minutes.

For an athlete, who has specific sport goals, I would never recommend this workout to you, but if you do want to just go out one day and absolutely punish yourself (ya know, if you’re one those “self-inflicted wounds” people), then you may want to keep this one in the mental filing cabinet.

Wild stuff.

Besides all that, it’s just been cool to see all the family and friends, although by now, I am really ready to get back home to San Diego…I miss the beach (and the girls…definitely the girls).

As for my training, I’ve been playing around with my workouts to see just how little I can do without it effecting my strength or muscle gains.

So far, I’ve gotten it down to doing just 6 sets per workout, 5 days a week, and I’m still gaining muscle and getting stronger…it’s been really interesting and I’ll be sure to explain this in full detail when I have all the results back from this human experiment.

Also, just a quick tip here for my guys out there before I gotta get going here, being an asshole is obviously a proven way to get girls, but if you want to get the coolest, hottest girls, it’s not gonna fly. Here’s why..

As girls who have dudes coming at them all the time, they’ve literally seen it all, and they can see right through the “asshole” persona.

Your best bet is to keep a little bit of the “asshole game” peppered in there, but more of it’s gonna come down to you showing you’re a deep, smart, cool dude with some serious ambitions (and if you’re a member of the Inner Circle, you’re clearly in the 1% of people who have BIG ambitions…so don’t hide that — show it.).

I’ll talk to you next week.


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