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Alex’s Training Journal: BUSY

By Alex On March 29, 2011 Under Alex's Training Journal

Well last week was BUSY.

We re-launched Effective Ball-Handling 2.0 publicly (it crushed Best-Seller status!), but of course, all that work and focus that went into it took a lot out of me, so now I’m tiiiiirrreeeeeddd.

To help counteract this, I’ve cut back on my work in the gym for a week or two — the frequency doesn’t really change in the workouts, but the volume and intensity do.

Intensity goes down about 10-15%, and volume gets cut in half. Simple and effective.

It also works out well since I’m playing in a basketball tournament this Sunday back home in Michigan, and this’ll also act as my de-load from training so I can be in tip-top’ness for the tournament..

..now, I’m typing this in a somewhat tongue-in-cheek manner, because this tournament is more of a chill thing than an all-out competition.

See, one of my good friends puts it on every year and it’s for normal people — not people who played ball their whole lives, so the comp is just aiiiiggghhhtt. But I’ve played in it for the last 2 years (and won it the last 2 times, btw), so I have no real problem playing in it again, winning it again and doing it with some of closest friends.

Like I said, it is in Michigan though, so I’m flying back from San Diego this Friday and I’m gonna be back home for almost 2 weeks — just a complete break from everything I’m doing out here to be with family and friends for a while. I’m really excited.

My best friend Ryan Magin is also going to be flying in from Tampa to visit me there too, so we’re gonna have a great time, causing trouble and making shenanigans everywhere we go.

He’s actually training for the CrossFit games with Elliott Hulse, like we talked about in this month’s Interview of the Month, and has already told me we’re going to be working out twice a day when we’re in Michigan.

My response?

“Shiiiiiittt — YOU can work out twice a day. I’ll be glad to kick my feet up, eat 6 bananas and watch you beat yourself into the ground.”


Wait..what? Six bananas? What’s that about?

Glad you asked (and when Is say “you asked”, I am, of course, attempting to read your mind and guess what questions you’re asking in your head and that’s what I figured you were thinking…if I was wrong, let me know. I’m always trying to improve upon my mind-reading skills).

As you know, I’ve taken a DEEP interest in human nutrition, health and performance the last 6 months or so and my research and reading has taken me to a whole new level right now: Raw Foodism.

As a “raw foodist”, the theory states that since these foods are:

1. Inherently easily digestible and

2. Still full of good enzymes, your body has to spend way LESS energy digesting them, which in turn, leaves way more energy for your body to use on healing, recovery and living.

I’m trying it out as a test-run for a month, and at about the 2 week mark, I gotta be honest…this shit might be real. Lol.

Almost immediately, I noticed significant bursts in energy and mental clarity, not to mention I’m recovering from workouts WAY faster now, too.

Now, I would NOT recommend you try this until you talk to an expert first with some individual consultation, since a raw-food diet is incredibly limiting and certainly NOT for everybody.

My diet is 100% made up entirely of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

That’s it — all raw food too. Nothing cooked, steamed, grilled, etc (cooking above about 118 degrees has actually been shown to destroy the enzymes in your food).

Again, I am NOT recommending you try this (I would, of course, recommend adding more fruits and veggies into your diet though).

If you want to read more about it, check out a book called “Thrive”, by Brendan Brazier. He’s a world-class cyclist who goes about it raw too, and this book is all about doing it as an athlete.

And my phone just rang — I have a consultation with a brilliant health doctor right now (I need some research questions answered) and I’m trying to type this as fast a possible so I don’t miss his call so please excuse any typos here and I’ll be back soon!

Oh, great — there weren’t any typos, I’m awesome at typing. Ok, now I really gotta go.



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