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Alex’s Training Journal.. 7/20

By Alex On July 20, 2011 Under Alex's Training Journal

Man, this week has been HARD.


It’s been mix of personal reasons, training reasons an bizness reasons.

I’ll tell you about the training and bigness stuff 🙂

Where to start.. Hmm..

Well, first off, a very unexpected, negative and disappointing move by someone I trusted has motivated me
to take my basketball mission to the next level.

I’m not releasing any details until it’s ready, but it’s going to be:


Results-Focused ONLY

And it’s going to offend a shitload of people.

Oh well, because the athletes who aren’t offended by it are going to gain access to the most effective, most simple-to-follow, most transformation training programs I’ve ever put together.

Hope you’ll be one of them 🙂

But that’s one reason for making this week so hard (all the work going into that mountain of a goal).

And then the bizness stuff..

As you probably heard, I released The Explosion Academy this week publicly and as I expected, the response has been amazing (thank YOU if you’ve decided the next 30 days of your life are going to be the time where everything changed for you), but..

..it was a TON of work getting it set up.

Filming all the workouts, planning out all the coaching, getting all the website stuff up and ready — this shit was NOT easy (but the end result turned out to be spectacular, which besides just helping athletes was the only other thing I wanted out of this).

And then in my own training, I just spent 4 weeks working on a bench press cycle that should’ve added at least 10 lbs. to my bench, but it added nothing — not cool, lol.

As you become a more advanced lifter, you start to need more unique and advanced training protocols and to be honest, I never thought I was there yet, but this whole snafu tells me maybe I do need to do something special to continue to up my lifts..

I followed a 7-5-3 schedule for it, where it looked like this:

Week 1 – Work up to 7RM-ish weight and do as many reps as possible on the ‘money-set’

Week 2 – Work up to 5RM-ish weight and do as many reps as possible on the ‘money-set’

Week 3- Work up to 3RM-ish weight and do as many reps as possible on the ‘money-set’

Week 4 – Take weight from Week 1 and do 5 sets of 5

Wait 3-5 days and test again.

(But while this cycle has worked for HUNDREDS of athletes in the past, it didn’t work for me this time around — back to the drawing board..).

Anyways, all of this stuff could have easily deterred me or led me astray off my path, but I didn’t let it, nor will I. Ever.

I was listening to this TI song from a couple years ago and, it’s funny, even though you expect rap music to be nothing but hard beats and pointless lyrics, he said something in a song that really resonated with me and I thought you might like it too:

(From No Matter What – T.I.)

Life can change ya direction, even when you ain’t planned it
All you can do it handle it, worst thing you can do is panic
Use it to your advantage, avoid insanity manage
To conquer, every obstacle, make impossible possible
Even when winning illogical, losing still far from optional

Here’s the song too:


I’m out for now, just remember… Anytime shit gets thrown your way or haters don’t ease, just focus on YOU.


Do your thing.

That’s how you get what you want, plus.. It’s also how you can leave those scrubs FUBAR (google it).


-Coach Alex

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