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The KING Of Quickness Story

Hey, it’s Alex here and you probably want to know some more about me…

…so I’ll tell you a quick story. Let’s call it ‘The King of Quickness” story.

The King Of Quickness Story

It all started back when I was just a high school chump, who had recently set a really ambitious, really crazy goal for myself: Play college basketball.

Why was it crazy?

Well, at the time I was 5-7, 140 lbs and slower than a 1992 Apple Macintosh.

I was much better suited for, say, competitive mind-reading (I’m talking really competitive here), than the hard-knocks of college basketball.

But while I am borderline genius, I’m still borderline, and so the race to the promised land of college basketball was on.

I knew what my strengths were (ball-handling, shooting, decision-making) and I knew EXACTLY what my weaknesses were…

…I was WAY TOO slow.

Think of a car with four busted-up wheels and no engine, on empty.

Then, latch a semi-truck, carrying sand, on top of it. And THAT should give you a good idea of how slow I was.

So, at least I knew what I had to work on, right?

But, I wasn’t totally sure where to start, so I got myself a mentor (big financial investment on my part that paid off BIG-TIME for me).

You may have heard of him…

…he’s world-famous, a best-selling author and affectionately known as “The Mad Scientist” (but I call him Kelly Baggett).

Through him, I had a sense of understanding and the direction I needed to go into to achieve my goal. He also helped me figure out where to start to initiate my learning process.

So, I spent the next few years of my life studying books, manuals, textbooks, articles and even online forums, soaking up and using everything I was learning.

I very quickly become something of an expert, as I was training athletes at the same time and they were seeing some awesome results.

The Years Spent Learning And Mastering Kinda Paid Off

As for me, things were going well. My speed was increasing, as was my explosiveness and agility, but I was still missing something…I wasn’t sure what it was though.

So, I kept up with all of my studies, burying my head in the books and spending even more time in the trenches, searching and digging for my magic-bullet.

Then, I Made A Discovery

One day, I sort of came to this realization about my training and what I was missing. The solution I had stumbled upon made sense in theory, but I kept it to myself, wanting to see if actually panned out in real life first.

So, I spent the next 3 weeks using it on myself, anxiously awaiting to see what would come of it.

And The Results FLOORED ME

It was incredible, and I wish you could have been there to witness it…my transformation.

I went from amazingly slow and weak, to improving a little bit over the course of a couple years, to becoming the FASTEST and QUICKEST basketball player in my area.

In 3 weeks time.

Using the new training system I had half-discovered, half-stumbled upon.

People were shocked. I was ecstatic.

Coaches wanted to know what I was doing and opponents accused me of cheating (one dude even, in all seriousness, accused me of wearing rockets in my shoes!).

The Nickname Debacle

And that’s where my nickname came to life… The King of Quickness.

I’ve always been a little “show-off” and wasn’t against attention, so I actually liked it at first (what’s funny now is as I’ve matured (well, “matured” to an extent) I don’t even like the nickname, but that type of stuff  is hard to drop!).

After that, I kept up with my system, testing and tweaking it constantly, as it grew even more powerful every single day. And now, it stands today as the top speed and quickness training system in the world (and I couldn’t be more proud).

And, to make a long story short, I ended up garnering tons notoriety for my basketball prowess, played Division II college basketball and made one of the most incredible Game-Speed Transformations ever.

Why Game-Speed?

Well, most of the training talk you know of and hear about doesn’t transfer over to real games. It transfers over to tests and “combine” type stuff, like 40-yard dashes and vertical jump tests. Who cares about that stuff when you are still slow as a two-legged turtle in games?

Being blazing fast and lightning quick in games is totally where it counts, and that’s exactly what my system has done for thousands of athletes across the globe (although it certainly helps for the combine-type stuff too).

Now, this is probably the weirdest bio you’ve ever read, right?

Fine, here’s some “normal” info about yours truly.

My name’s Alex Maroko. I make athletes all across the world faster, quicker and more agile with my products and websites.

I’m also really, really good-looking, a trainer and a best-selling author.

I am the co-creator of The Truth About Quickness Insider’s System, the world’s top speed and quickness training system used by thousands of proud athletes worldwide.

My first love was basketball and I specialized in basketball training up until a few years ago.

But Now..

Nowadays, I work with athletes from several different sports, as I’ve grown to specialize my training specifically for all those different sports.

But mainly, I specialize in making basketball, football, soccer, baseball, hockey and tennis athletes faster and quick er than they ever thought possible.

And YOU are at the Game Speed Insider Blog.

Let me explain this really quick…

This website is here for me to help YOU. Above all else, that is my goal.

Now, this is not your typical, boring, “sciensy” sports training blog. I only know all the science stuff because I have to, but I dislike it as much as you, and promise to only ever mention it when we absolutely need to.

More so, this blog is about FUN. My deep-dark secret is for that you’ll keep coming back here not for the useful training information, but for the awesome entertainment it provides.

This Is Really Fun

On top of all the easily digestible training information, workouts and quick tips, there will be lots of funny videos, stupid quotes and more than a few pop-culture references.

You’ll see what I mean pretty quickly, this blog is fun, first and foremost.

Oh, last thing. Since this blog is for YOU, it can’t operate without your input.

That means we all comment on blog posts here. Even if it’s just a quick “Cool” (which is fine, cool is a kick-butt adjective), you gotta say something. Writing all of this is hard, I want some feedback! 🙂

I can’t wait to see what you have to say in the comments section.

This is exciting.



PS – Here’s some more “typical” biography stuff:

Favorite TV Show – How I Met Your Mother

Close Second – Californication

Height – 6 feet

Favorite Food – Chicken Burrito’s from Panchero’s

Favorite Author – Dale Carnegie and Neil Strauss

Celeb Watch – I went to the same high school as Justin Bartha ( actor from National Treasure and The Hangover).

Favorite Movie – Since I just saw it, and just mentioned it, The Hangover (although V for Vendetta, The Dark Knight and The Heartbreak Kid are right there too)

Damaging Confession- I DO receive commissions for products I recommend on this site. However, they do NOT affect what I will or won’t recommend. Put it this way, lots of people come to me everyday, asking me to recommend their stuff to you and are willing to pay me a lot of money to do it. But I almost always don’t, mainly because I don’t think the product’s up to standard. But when something REALLY great comes along, I will ALWAYS recommend it to you, specifically because I feel like I’d be doing you a disservice to you if I didn’t.

Worst Movie I’ve Ever Seen While Still Laughing Non-Stop Throughout The Entire Thing – Strange Wilderness (a whopping 0% on Rotten Tomatoes…totally recommend it)

Worst TV Show I Get “Caught” Watching From Time To Time (when I’m not working) – TMZ

Favorite Exercise – Chin-Up

Exercise With The Coolest Name – Snatch-Grip Thick Bar Plio-Iso-Miometric Rack Pull From A Deficit Against Bands With Chains

Best Blog On The Internet – Come on..