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A Very Good Week

By Alex On June 13, 2011 Under Alex's Training Journal

Well… It’s been a very good week.

It all started on Tuesday when I PR’ed on the Military Press at FIT here in downtown San Diego.

I’ve always been a terrible overhead presser (partially my build, partially my levers and partially my complete indifference to it). But a few weeks ago, I decided it was time to for that to end (because girls never like guys who can’t military press a lot).

So I wrote up one of my magical training programs for it and then about 3 weeks later on Tuesday, I PR’ed on the Military by 10 lbs (all the way to an amazing grand total of 145 lbs!).

I want 185 by Valentine’s Day and I know I can get it. Plans in progress now for that — I’ll keep you posted.

So why else was this weekend so epic..

..lots of cool people I know came into town for a business conference here in San Diego, my brother came in to visit from LA and so did one of my best friends Blake.

Plus, I started work on something HUGE for basketball players that’ll change the way they reach their NEXT level, forever.

Sort of excited about that..

But that all reminds me of what I want to talk about today:


If you ever listen to any rap music, watch MTV or talk to other human beings, you already know what grinding is.

But here’s what it means to me:

You’re always working SMARTER than your competition.

Anyone can work HARDER than everyone else — that’s really not all that hard.

Working SMARTER is.

But it’s funny because when you learn how to do it, everything becomes EASIER and takes way less time.

So how do you do it.. How do you work smarter?

Easy. Here’s how:

1. You figure out what you want. Become CRYSTAL-CLEAR on what that is, know what it looks like, feels like, sounds like, etc.

2. You find someone who has done exactly what you’ve done and has gone from where you are to where you want to go.

3. You model what they did and you do it too (notice I said “model”.. NOT copy).


It’s so simple, but most people don’t even realize they could be doing it too..

So let’s say you want to become the fastest, most explosive version of yourself possible. That’s your crystal-clear goal.

Then you go and find someone who was once where you are when you started, but has now moved on to where you want to go.

For a lot of athletes, this is me — my background and struggles match a lot of theirs, maybe they do for you, maybe they don’t. That’s for you to decide — maybe there’s somewhere right near by who is only a couple years older but could also be something of a road-map for you to follow (doesn’t have to be one or the other either — we all work together here).

Whoever you choose (or both), you’d then ‘model’ what they did to TRANSFORM and you’d do it yourself.

Pretty soon, you’d find yourself at (or at least close) to the level you wanted to get to. Then from there, you’d look at the next level and do the same thing all over again.

Working hard is easy, doings lots of stuff all day long might be boring but ANYONE with a brain can do it.

It takes someone SPECIAL to not only work hard, but to also realize what it means to work SMART.

People always ask what’s the difference between people who succeed and who people who don’t..

There’s your answer.

-Coach Alex

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