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A Rant That’ll Increase Your Lifespan..

By Alex On May 8, 2011 Under Alex's Training Journal

Did you know 86% of people’s biggest regrets when they get old can be directly related to watching too much television?

OK, maybe that stat was just made up, but I’d be more than willing to wager it’s something like that..

Think about this:

How often do you find yourself wanting to do something that you never end up doing because there just wasn’t enough time?

A lot, right?

And now I’m not speaking to you directly right now, but I KNOW in general that’s almost always due to people wasting too much damn time in front of the tube.

The average adult spends almost 5 HOURS A DAY watching TV (kids spend almost 6..).

That’s INSANE.

Crazy.. Out of this world.

Five hours a day is 35 hours a week, which is 140 hours a month.

And 140 hours a month is 1,680 HOURS a year.

Which is exactly 70 DAYS A YEAR spent watching TV, doing nothing else.. Not talking with family or friends, not training, reading, not pursuing some giant goal… it’s sitting there, watching a glass screen with a bunch of moving images.

Do this for the next 10 years and 2 of those years will be spent doing NOTHING else but TV-watching.

Imagine what MORE you could get done and accomplish if you just cut that number in half, let alone all of it..

So I’ll tell you about my latest workout program and what else is on the horizon, but I want you to try something this week..

No TV for a week.

I know, I know… OMGZZZZ, it’s so frightening and daunting and not possible and stuff, but seriously.. man up.

You can do this.

And instead, take that time you normally dedicate to watching TV and put it towards something really beneficial for you.

Maybe it’s reading about a certain topic you’re really interested in..

Maybe it’s spending sometime getting to know your parents better (it is Mother’s Day today, after all — sidebar: Love you Mom!).

Maybe it’s making the whole week a “Recovery Week”, and you’re gonna spend a ton of extra time foam rolling, stretching and meditating..

Just try it for a week.

You can go back to TV after the week if you still want too (but it’s likely you’re gonna want to do it at a much smaller rate after you begin to see how much more productive you are NOT watching it..).

And yes, I do believe we’ve reached the end of that rant.


My training’s been going really well, thanks for asking.

With summer rolling around, I always do a short block of focused “beach work” to get super-hot for the water, so the last few weeks (and the next few coming up) are largely dedicated to my beach muscles (biceps, triceps, chest, abs).

It’s a lot of fun every once in a while to train like a bodybuilder instead of an athlete.

I’m also experimenting with really high-doses of BCAA’s throughout the day, so we’ll see what comes of that too.

Business has been crazy busy too, I actually just finished up next month’s Workout of the Month program, you’re gonna really love what it’s going to do for you.

It’s called “15-Minute Muscle” and it’s designed to do exactly what it sounds like: Give you tons of new, lean, explosive muscle mass in just 15 minute workouts or so (of course, some people will take longer in 15 minutes, but if you’re crazy efficient and focused inside the gym, 15 minutes is gonna be a cinch for you).

I also just got word that JumpUSA has a new shipment of Squat Flex’s coming in next week or so and I’m gonna be able to hook my subscribers up with a PHAT discount on those, so expect some emails about that coming soon (and maybe some Free IPod giveaways too!).

Also, I’m setting up interviews for the next few months here, let me know if there’s anyone in particular you want me to interview.

Until next time…you stay classy.


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