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Q & A: November 22, 2010 – How To Set Up Your Training Schedule and Maxing Out Your Quickness

By Alex On November 22, 2010 Under Q & A With Alex

Q: I was wondering if I could do the effective ball handling program (which is amazing) and the vertical jump bible (intermediate strenth training w/ novice plyos) during basketball season tryouts are next week thanks alot.

-Saad Pirzada

A: Thanks for the words man.

So, do NOT do the whole VJB in-season. It’s too much.

As for EBH, do stationary work 3x a week and speed and movement 3 times every 14 days. You can do seated work whenever you want too.

And crush it in your tryouts homey.

Q: I’m trying to do everything right now. I have TAQ 2.0, The Effective Ball-Handling Program and Vert Freak 2.0? What should I do?

A: Well, right now, you want:

*better handles
*better scoring
*better shooting
*bigger vert
*more quickness
*better focus and consistent motivation

The problem is if you try to do ’em all, you become a jack of all trades, but a master of none.

Here’s what I would do:

Day 1: Handling/Shooting workouts
Day 2: Quickness/Vert workouts
Day 3: Handling OR Shooting workout
Day 4: Quickness/Vert workouts
Day 5: Handinling OR Shooting workout (pick the one you didn’t do on Day 3)
Day 6: Quickness/Vert workouts
Day 7: Off

Repeat each week.

I’d also do mental exercises at night before bed and first thing in the morning. Use The Champion’s Challenge for the next 3 days, then go with The Belief Black-Box each morning from there on out.

Q: Alex, how long did it take you to get so quick?

A: Well, I’ll answer the part of the question I assume you forgot to ask first, which is, of course, “how long did it take you to get so charming?” — and, fact, it took me 77 days to become this charming (and another 3 to recognize that arrogance is only funny when you self-recognize it and make fun of yourself for it).

As for the quickness, I hit 90% of my quickness in 9 months. It wasn’t a straight shot or anything like that though where I gained 10% each month. It was more of a gain some here, gain some there and I knew it would all work out so long as I stayed consistent and focused with my grind.

As for the remaining 10%, that took another 6 months or so and took some really advanced training and focused planning to make it a reality. Most athletes are gonna be MORE than good if they can hit the 90% mark like I did…I just like coming as close to perfection as possible and I knew I could more than 90%, ya know?

Got a question for Alex: Send it in here and he’ll be answering it in this section NEXT WEEK!

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