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A Free Fat-Burning Workout Video (Athletes ONLY!)

By Alex On September 15, 2010 Under Uncategorized

This is exciting..

Fat-Loss Expert For ATHLETES Joe Hashey provided all of us at Game Speed Insider with a KILLER article on Tuesday, detailing exactly HOW to quickly and painlessly GET RID of stubborn, “anchor body-fat”.

In it, he even included a Free fat-burning workout for you too that kicked ass — how much ass did it kick?

Check out what one Game Speed Insider Reader left for me on Facebook:

Screen shot 2010-09-15 at 4.11.09 PM

By the way, you can still read that article and get that workout here: The BEST Method For Blowing Away Body-Fat


The feedback was so good from Joe’s last article that I was able to stronghold him into giving you ANOTHER Anchor Fat-Burning workout.. AND filming a VIDEO of the whole thing.

Don’t get me wrong, Joe normally has no problem sharing his ideas and breakthroughs (he’s a GREAT dude), but he doesn’t normally reveal his best stuff — and NEVER for FREE.

But, I used my best negotiating strategies (all 3 of them) and I got him to let go of some really powerful information (and to record it for YOU too!).

So, here is that workout video below, and the exact sets and reps of this Anchor Fat-Burning workout are right below the video. Watch it now to find out his fat-burning secrets:

I had Joe send me the workout to go along with this Anchor Fat-Burning workout too. Here’s a snapshot from the email:

Screen shot 2010-09-15 at 4.16.54 PM

If you want your abs to HURT all good too.. give this “never before shared” workout a go. You’re gonna really love it. Why?

It’s because it utilizes what Joe has found to be the BEST method for ATHLETES to quickly burn off those last few lbs. of body-fat, WITHOUT changing their diet or their current training program.. And what’s the name of that method?

The Bull Strength Method

Workouts that fit into the Bull Strength Method:

  • Take 10-12 minutes to do and should be conveniently added to the end of your current workouts for a serious boost in FAT-BURNING sexiness (you can also do them on their own, and still get all the benefits)
  • Quickly ramp-up your metabolism for up to 72 HOURS after the workout (to keep your body burning it’s fat stores 24 hours a day)
  • Have been designed strategically JUST for athletes, so that on top of the fat-burning awesomeness, it SIMULTANEOUSLY conditions and prepares you for games
  • The fact that you don’t have to change your diet, or even your current training program to instantly ramp up your Anchor Fat-Loss is simply AWESOME.

    Plus, imagine how much MORE athletic you would be without having those extra 10 or 15 lbs. of Anchor Fat hanging around your waist..

    Now, Joe is the creator of a manual that features 48 (FORTY-EIGHT!) Bull Strength Method workouts, just like the one from above.

    And I sorta just figured that if you had access to ALL of the Bull Strength Conditioning Method workouts, then you’d quickly be able to BLOW AWAY all of that Anchor Fat you’re carrying right now and play your sport FREELY, without any extra blubber holding you back..

    So that’s EXACTLY the opportunity I somehow was able to arrange for you.

    Here’s the deal:

    There are 5 things I KNOW about the workouts inside the Bull Strength Fat-Loss and Conditioning Manual:

    1. They’re insanely CHALLENGING.

    2. They’re PERFECT for athletes.

    3. They DESTROY body-fat really friggin’ fast.

    4. They only take 10 or 12 minutes.

    5. When you start using them too, they’re gonna work wonders for you.

    Now, the Bull Strength Fat-Loss and Conditioning Manual normally costs a really fair $47 (I would pay $50 a WEEK just to make sure I never lost my 6-pack, heh)..

    But, because you are my VIP Game Speed Subscriber and I always do my worst to get you the best deals possible, I talked to Joe, and until this Friday, you’re gonna get the Bull Strength Fat-Loss and Conditioning Manual for just $27!

    That’s right, I talked to the “Anchor Fat-Loss” Master himself, and got him to slash that price for you (almost in HALF!).

    Here’s the special link where you can get in on this really special action. Check it out now:

    The Bull Strength Conditioning Manual

    Imagine how much quicker and faster (not to mention sexier) you’re gonna be a couple weeks from now without that annoying Anchor Fat hanging around your belly.. and I’ve been through every program out there, nothing works for ATHLETES like The Bull Strength Method.

    I’ll talk to you later. Have a great day out there!


    PS – If you pick up Bull Strength Conditioning today, I think you get some solid free gifts too. Check it out now:

    The Bull Strength Conditioning Manual

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